December 15, 2011

Paper Hearts Tutorial

Hello again...:O)

I´m just feeling sooo giving .... 
so after several questions on how to make my cute paper hearts for the little Christmas tree...
I decided to make a little HOW TO make them...

Step 1: 
*Find a book...
(not to old, because then the paper will brake when folding the hearts)
For one heart you will need:
*Your Sewing machine...
*A template (just draw a heart out on a piece of paper the size you want)
* Three pieces of paper for the heart
* One wooden pearl ( or whatever you wish..:O)
*Stack the three pieces on top of each other
with the template on top... 

Step 2: 
*Cut out the heart using scissors 
(don´t will not look good with pencil marks)
Never mind if it becomes a little uneven...
handcraft know..;O)

Step 3:
*Thread your machine with the desired thread
( I used white)
*Draw out some start thread
(enough for making the hanging loop)
*Set your needle in down position
*Line the three layer hearts against the needle
*Lower the pressure foot

*Start sewing
(I used 2.2 stitch length)
*Stop at the end of heart

Step 4:
*Draw out the heart so some thread will follow
(you will need this to thread the pearl)

Step 5:
*Now it should look like this.. :o)

Step 6:
*Thread the end threads with a needle that goes 
in the hole of your pearl...
*Decide what length your pearl will hang
*Sew up and down through the hole twice and knot the thread off.
(Tie well)
*Make a hanging loop of the starting thread...
*Fold out the bottom and top heart a little bit
And voila..

Make lots and hang in your tree!!! :O)

Hope this easy little tutorial is easy to follow...
wish you luck... Have fun..:o)
Just ask!!!


  1. The simple, easy decorations are the best! Working on my pin cushion, it's going to be so cute! Will try to make some hearts too, but I need a new tree too :) Oh, well there's always something more to wish for. Do I need it? Yes, probably :)

  2. Oh have you work with you hand or had you use some help I hope you rest hand.. But any way love you hearts and perhaps I had some time over to made some of them. But as Louise said I need a new tree too :) But first I´ll made the cute little mystery work..

    Take care!

  3. What a great idea,thanks for the tutorial on how to make one,I have a couple of heat templates I can practice with :) Barb.

  4. En super idè! Dette ble jo knallbra! Takk for inspirasjon! :o)

  5. Great idea. Thanks for the tutorial. Merry Christmas to you & yours. Hugs,

  6. De är så hjärtans söta! Enkel och superläcker dekoration!

  7. So, beautyful ....! the quilt behind the tree .....!

    Simone Quilting Moesje

  8. Kjempefine hjarte!! Kanskje eg skulle prøve? Du hadde eit veldig fint mønster til stitchery også, takk skal du ha, skal poste om det blir laga no i ein vanskeleg kvardag, kva helsa angår.

  9. I like this idea too! And thank you again for sharing. Wishing you a lovely and cozy 4th Advent.

  10. Vad de blir fina. En jättebra beskrivning och idé. Tack

  11. Thank you for the tutorial Stina -- those are just TOOOO adorable!!!!!

  12. so sweet. I saw these on Janet's blog. (quiltsalot)

  13. Cute ornament, I think I will make these with my grandchildren. Thanks for the tutorial! I would love to see a better picture of the quilt behind the tree!

  14. Cute ornament, I think I will make these with my grandchildren. Thanks for the tutorial! I would love to see a better picture of the quilt behind the tree!

  15. So cute idea and tutorial! thanks for sharing.



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