December 12, 2011

Third Advent...

and believe me... time do fly faster around Christmas!!!
Already Third Advent...pheew...
Last Sunday I had a golden moment opening my gifts 
from Louise and Marica...

And I wasn´t sorry this time either...:o)
Pink dotty tape measure from Marica...:o) 
and white washed letters spelling JUL ( Christmas) from Louise...
So so sweet...thanks my friends!!! 

Last weekend THE SNOW came...
lots and lots!!!
Can hardly remember the snow coming this late...

Miss Molly Loves it
(you were right Colleen...:o) 
and so is Viktor... 
first snowman is built!!! 

You might remember that I have sent out a Christmas Mystery to my friends in Norway... May Britt and Hanne... and to my Swedish friends Marica and Louise...
They are now in full activity working on it.... :o)
Second package is delivered!!

Mine is all done and finished!!!
Ohhh... was the picture blurry????
Well .. I do want to give them a chance to start on it and maybe finish before I post it on the blog....

But If you are nice.. come back and maybe I´ll have a little something for you all!!
Bye Bye!!


  1. Ja, tack och lov för att snön kom till sist! Nu är det så mycket vackrare i vårt land och det känns lite lättare när allt glittrar i det vita.

  2. Okay...I'll come back. Happy Advent! Looks like that snowfall turned into some good kind of fun. :-D

  3. The snow can be really beautiful, I like it :o) Hope it will stay for Christmas ;o)
    Lovely gifts!
    Hope you'll enjoy the time before Christmas :o)

  4. Hei Stina :) :)
    I"m thinking celebrating Christmas in Sweden must be lots of fun :) :) Your gifts are lovely :) :) Oh, and your dog Miss Molly looks quite a bit like my dog, Rosie :) :) Stor klem og hilsen fra Kalifornien, Heather ;)

  5. Winter have arrived here in Elverum too. A lot of snow, but toda it has started to rain. Hope it stops.
    Looking forward to see what the blurry photo is :)

  6. I am sure the blurry photo is something very pretty. All that snow you have - Molly seems to be enjoying it. At least you can see where she is. We have lots of rain and heavy wind here, no snow.

  7. Our snow is so late too. I am really wishing for a huge snow. It is always nice for Christmas and January and then it can go away again :D :D

    Merry Christmas, Stina!




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