July 8, 2012

Still here...

Hello my friends....

Did not think I would be away this long AGAIN....
But life sure tripped me over some...
And am recovering from this summers worst flu ever...
One week with 39 degrees fever...
Sore throat...COUGH...
This is my third week and I finally got some medications...
Hope they will help...

Well I'm back from rehab...and it was a great week...
But believe no resting home...

This is/was my room...very fancy...
and a pic from breakfast...

Perfect for rest and sleep...
and recover...

Have lots of homework to do...
and none have gone so well ...yet
Just need to get well and then it will be 
Some tough weeks until mid August, when I'm going back....

I actually started to stitch ....
During my days at Rehab...

Didn't come that far...
Week took all my energy...
But I have started...

What else have happened...
Oh YES..
We do have a teenager in the house now...
Viktor turned 13!!!!
Lots of lovely gifts...
For a wonderful boy!!!!

Well that's a little from me 
and my corner of the  world....

Have a nice summer...
See you soon...


  1. Hello my dear friend, I hope you will soon be on the mend and that the medicine is doing its thing. So glad to see some stitching. You are always in my thoughts. Happy birthday to Viktor.

  2. So sorry to hear you have been so sick! I'm glad you are well on the road to recovery now. Love the stitchery you started and Viktor is such a handsome young man. 13. WOW! They grow so quickly. Don't blink!!

  3. So good to see you back and on the road to recovery...I started that same stitchery this week! looking forward to seeing your version...Happy Birthday Viktor!!...

  4. Nice to 'see' you Stina but I'm so sorry to hear that you've been ill and a summer full of challenges.

    I can't believe Viktor is now 13 - wow!

  5. It is a start. One thread a day will get you going again :) And this stitchery is so beautiful. And SO you :) Happy birthday to Viktor.

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  7. Härligt att höra från dig och kul att se att du har ett mysigt broderi på gång.
    Grattis till din store son!
    Kramar från Gudrun

  8. Hey Stina! Lovely to hear an update from you ... have been wondering how you were going getting your health issues sorted. Oh dear! Sorry to hear you've had an icky summer bug ... that's never fun! I prescribe lots of relaxing cups of tea while sitting in the sun listening to some relaxing music and maybe doing a bit of stitching or flicking through a pretty magazine. :0) Hope you feel better soon. Big teenage birthday wishes to your 'little' boy! :0) Bear Hugs - KRIS

  9. Wow, 13 already... GRATTIS Viktor! Time sure flies.
    Hang in there and don't try to do too much.
    Hugs, Louise

  10. You have been very sick and that makes me sad. Do you still have a job that you go to? You always made such interesting items from things you found at work.

  11. Nice to hear that you are on the road again, Stina ;o) I have missed your fresh and happy tales about your doings! Nice summer to you too and of course... MYCKE GRATTIS till Viktor!

  12. Best wishes for your recovery !! I hope you are OK now and that your sewing is progressing !!
    Hugs and kisses

  13. So glad to hear you are on the mend. I too have asthma and it makes any cold so much worse. Just take it easy and continue to get better. Congratulations to your young man!

  14. So glad to hear you are on the road to recovery...take good care of yourself and do lots of stitching!

  15. Hello Stranger...glad your on the mend...like your new stitching!!

  16. Oh dang what a heavy health issue you have been and are dragging around. Hope you get better soon.

    So Viktor is 13....let me confess something - it is much more fun with kids that are on the growing up side ;-) 13 and 16 are just great.

    The embroidery is Leanne's - right? Just have to ask - what kind of floss are you using? I don't think I ever seen such ones in your picture.


  17. I hope you're feeling much better Stina. And Happy Belated birthday to your cute boy!

  18. I'm happy to hear that you have some energi to do some sewing!
    Take care! Margreth

  19. Good to hear from you! Wish this illness stuff would leave you be so you can feel better. I've been wondering how you are, so thanks for posting to share whats up with you. Belated birthday greetings for Viktor - holy cow, a teenager already?! No wonder you're tired out, lol. :-D Such pretty flowers, too.

  20. Miss reading your blogs & seeing all your lovely sewing..so please get well soon Stina :)
    Jan R in NZ

  21. hi stina
    I'm sorry you have been so ill, hope you feel better soon, now that your flowers must be blooming outside ;)
    say "feliz cumpleaños" to viktor from me; I haven't thought that way.. but you are right, I will have a teenager at home next march as well...:P
    lovely sewing!! can't wait to see more pics, I am amazed you have chosen those strong colours
    big kisses

  22. Asking the Lord to heal you and give you rest. Happy Birthday to your son, so handsome! Blessings to you, Stina!

  23. So nice to hear from you. ((Hugs)) Be well.

  24. Så spennende stitchery du driver med :-)

  25. Stina, I am sorry that you have been so sick!! I hope that the rest of the summer is healthy! Your teenager looks like a great guy! Happy Birthday to him!
    I am looking forward to seeing your new stitching when you get further on.
    Be well!
    Patty in So. California

  26. I get the feeling something is very wrong. Praying for you.



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