September 16, 2012

Östersund 3...

A quick update before we leave Östersund ...
Have had a wonderful time...
Friends are wonderful medicine...:0)

Yesterday Louise sewed and sewed...
And with no time she finished not just one...

...but two!!!!

Just like that..
So impressed!!!
Just do it!!

It's some words I will take with me back home...
Just do it!!!

I will use my little quilt...
as a little placemat for my iPad ...

The pattern for the little quilts are
from Cheri Saffiote Paynes 
lovely blog....

Two quilts ...
Made at the same time..
Same colour ways...
Still not the same...:0)

Love them both...
So happy for my new little 
HAPPY IPad quilt!!!

Thankyou Louise and John
for a wonderful weekend...

Will do this soon again...
Not wait three years again!!!


  1. great little quilts.
    I am glad to read from your past posts that you are better and things are going well with you. Hugs, Carrie P.

  2. Both mini-quilts are so lovely, bright and cute!


  3. Wonderful little quilts - and wonderful are you! And it´s wonderful that your are back on track!

  4. Lovely Reminders of your weekend with your Friends...They are nice and bright.
    Take Care

  5. WOW! Wonderful quilts with wonderful memories!!

  6. They are so sweet and happy. Great little finishes.

  7. Låter som en underbar helg...jag förstår att det är härligt att gräva i Louises lådor.Såå kul att du fått syglädje tillbaka!

  8. All I can say that Louise has fantastic bins! :-)) Good to hear that you are feeling well :-)

  9. Sounds like a very nice trip! So happy for you :-)

  10. Darling pieces.... so nice to have you blogging again.... Start preparing...winter is on it's way....

  11. Cute little good that you are feeling better...and what better way to keep up the recuperation than a stitchy weekend with a friend...take care, hugs...

  12. Hello my dear friend, I have been away for a few days and just switched on and I am thrilled to see not one, but three posts from you. A big cheer from me. You go girl. What a lucky little Ipad. Keep up the good work and yes, just do it.

    Lots of love to you.xx

  13. Hey Stina! Lovely to hear an update from you ... I often think of you as I scroll down my "Favourites" list. :0) Glad to hear you had a lovely time visiting Louise ... and what a wonderful friend to help make your sweet iPad mat in such fun, cheerful colours. Hope you're feeling refreshed after your break and look forward to hearing your news again soon - Bear Hugs! KRIS

  14. It is so nice hearing from you, Stina. The little Cheri design quilts look so different done in bright and cheery colors. It suits your personality.

  15. Underbart att läsa om din trevliga helg och vilka ljuvliga tabletter, jag blir så glad när jag ser på dom.
    Kram Gudrun



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