January 6, 2013

The New Year...

The New Year at my place was a very calm and easygoing family night...

we did lit some Khom Loys and sent away some gremlins or if it was goblins

on a journey without a destination and as Viktor said...

hope no one gets them...

Don't worry I said...once up in space they get out of air and vanish!!:0)

Felt good!!!

We ate good food and dessert

played games and looked at all the fireworks...

wow is all I can say...

having spent the last years at my parents place

I didn't know how much fireworks there were to look

at right here in my little village...


Molly wasn't bothered a bit with all the noise...happy for that!

Wished us all a very Happy New Year

and after that we were ready for bed!!:0)

Have been thinking of what kind of word that would be good

for me to follow this year and it is:

no other than just ME think it will be ok.

And with this I want to wish you all

a very C R E A T I V E and Happy New 2013!!!

Want to show some other gifts I got from my friend Åsa

...happy to have my lovely friends thinking of me

and giving me such lovely things!

Got this wonderful stack of tins...

promise they will be filled with something nice...

either it's from the kitchen or from the sewing room...:0)

and isn't this a most wonderful little pincushion!!!

Love it!

And to top everything she made me a framed stitchery

with a lovely saying!

Thankyou so much Åsa ...



  1. Önskar dig ett fint nytt år och hoppas att du skall vara rädd om dig så att det finns ork för någon kreativ aktivitet.Peppar dig att ta många sköna promenader,gärna med kameran som extra sällskap.Själv skall jag jobba lite mindre fram till sommaren för att få plats med fler sköna promenader som stärker hälsan och kärleken.Hoppas få mer tid för kreativa aktiviteter.
    Många hälsningar
    Ulla i Kalix

  2. I wish you lots of "me" time in 2013!!!

  3. Önskar dig massa bra "me-tid"! Tror att det är något som fler av oss borde sätta som första och största ordet inför 2013 - det kan vi behöva! :-)

  4. Happy New Year Stina. I hope you will enjoy good health and lots of me time in 2013.
    What beautiful gifts you received. I love the pincushion and the framed stitchery.

  5. Your word is perfect and I shall look forward to seeing more of you and your creations this year. Wish I had thought of the idea of letting your troubles go up in a balloon to float away. Great idea. Such pretty gifts from your friend.

  6. Happy New Year dear friend.

    This is going to be a great year....gonna be a grandma in July!

    Blessings to you in 2013!!

  7. Best word ever Stina! Best wishes for 2013!

  8. Happy New Year Stina!! I think that you picked the perfect word for 2013 for you. I am taking a little (probably a lot of) ME time this year too. All your gifts are lovely. Vicktor is becoming quite the young man. I bet you have to keep all the young girls away!!

  9. Happy 2013 some lovely gifts and ME is perfect.



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