February 10, 2013

Snöfrid's quilt...

Finally got the photos out of the camera...so here you go...
I decided on a pattern with crosses and o's
(hugs and kisses)
I used "Speck" by Miss Rosie's Co
from the Little Bites collection
I used larger corner squares in the pattern though...
I wanted to maximise what I could get out of the 2 1/2"
squares I worked with...

Close up on a little square...
Do you see the snowflakes...:0)
I'm always amazed at how different the snowflakes are...

Here is another funny picture...
Do you see the doves on the lamp post...;0)
A lot of powder snow this day..and cold...

The whole quilt...
And a little label for the cutie pie...
...From Auntie Stina...to Snöfrid
(Btw...directly translated Snöfrid is Snow peace/peaceful...)
Found a lovely flannel for the back...
In stash..:0)
Ain't it nice finding such treasures...:0)

Late last night I got a photo of the main person

and the quilt...
She is gaining weight right now...
seems like the feeding diet have done good results!!!
Way to go girl...
Love from me...see you soon...



  1. So lovely!!! The quilt and natural the little baby. :)
    kindest regards from angela

  2. Jättefin kvilt till en ursöt liten tjej med ett underbart namn.

  3. Oh Stina, a truly beautiful quilt for a truly gorgeous little girl! xx

  4. Beautiful quilt for a beautiful baby. Hugs and Kisses was such an appropriate choice.

  5. Very sweet. She'll be covered with lots of hugs and kisses!!

  6. Oh Stina, so soft and beautiful quilt AND cute little girl!!! I know, where to visit, if I want to see and need some beautiness for my life = at your blog ;o) xox

  7. Oh, så ljuvliga bilder.Och vilket ljuvligt namn.Kvilten är perfekt, som allt du gör Stina. Man njuter av allt, inte minst alla detaljer som du gör så smakfullt.
    Härligt att se dig igång.

    Kram från Gudrun

  8. Så flott quilt til en liten frøken :o) Gratulerer som tante (faster) :-)

  9. Oh Auntie Stina, it's beautiful. I love all those fabrics. She is a beautiful little one. I hope we continue to see pictures of her. So glad to hear that she is gaining weight.

  10. A sweet quilt for a sweet little girl. Nice touch with the snow! Very fitting with her name!:) You are so clever!!!:)

  11. I am in awe of your perfect piecing. It is the perfect setting for your sweet snow princess. So good to hear that she is doing well. All that love from her Auntie Stina wrapped up in a quilt. So special.

  12. The quilt is so lovely, just perfect for the wee bundle of joy!

  13. A perfect design and fabric choice for a beautiful little girl. I see you took the quilt picture in the snow. Looks like a lot of snow.

  14. Oh Snofrid is such a little cutie. Just love the quilt you have made for her.

  15. False advertising--- makes you want one...both the quilt AND the baby... and I'm too old for that... I love the powder snow photo.... Great quilt choice... You seem like you are feeling so much better. I'm glad.

  16. She's adorable !!! Oh, so is the quilt...LOL

    I see that "snow"...

  17. It's beautiful Stina! That's my favorite way to take pictures of a quilt too -- in the snow. And the baby is just too cute -- especially on her new quilt!

  18. Beautiful quilt, beautiful name and beautiful little girl! Glad all is well now.

  19. Glad to hear she is gaining weight. What a lovely quilt made with love by her auntie.

  20. Very pretty quilt - beautiful baby - so happy to hear she's doing well.

  21. It is beautiful and so is that darling baby!

  22. Snøfrids quilt er helt nydelig Stina Fargene,blokka så vakker

  23. Snofrid is so sweet and a lovely name translation. What a beautiful quilt too.
    Hugs and Kisses so apt.

  24. What a beautiful quilt and such lovely snowy pictures to show it off :o)

  25. What a little sweetie pie you have there Auntie Stina! Your quilt is beautiful, I just love it.... and your photography is great! You always amaze and inspire me!

  26. A beautiful quilt that embraces snow and celebrates Snöfrid. Good your precious niece is growing and healthy...such a treasure this girl is. Love this quilt you created for her! Beautiful photos. You make winter look inviting. :-D

  27. Oh, I'm so glad I found your blog today! What a beautiful quilt you have made! I'm a passionate quilter too, and live in Sweden;) Please come by my blog, if you'd like! I'm sure we will be able to inspire each other!

    Have a great day!

  28. Oh what a beautiful quilt! I'm so glad I found your blog today! I will surely come by often. Please stop by my blog when you have time. I'm sure we can inspire each other;)

  29. Love Miss Rosie's Co patterns and you do them beautifully. Have always been a hugs & kisses (Xs & Os) fan and seeing this beauty I may need to make another. Thank you for sharing and glad to hear the babe is gaining weight.



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