Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Before and After Part 2


Still have some photos to show of our "whitified" home...

First up is the stairs from "hell"

(if you haven't read about my frustration regarding the painting of it...
Before photo...of a very dark pine stairs to the second floor
And this is how it looks

after 4-5 coats of paint
Ha ha!!!!
So well worth all the work!!!
(But I have to confess a lot of tears have fallen)

It's so light that nowadays Molly can't hide under the stairs...
like she use to when there is time for her

Viktor said the first day when he walked down the stairs...
(with just one coat of paint...)

"It's like coming down from the clouds"
...and he is so right!
(Another Schnibble quilt and my Christmas gift from Louise this year)

I just love this sign...:0)and the quilt too...;0)
Quilt made from a pattern by Carrie Nelson
with Rosalie Quinlans first line of fabrics...

Well... I can't say how happy I am over how all this turned out...
the light really makes such a big can't show everything...but a lot!! :0)

Next thing up for some white paint was the hallway...
A very narrow and dark entrance...
with a cupboard in the middle of one wall
...don't know why they put it there?
And how we have let it be there...blind as newborn mice???
Still havent thought out to have it here
but it's getting along...
The removing of the cupboard was a good decision's now more light and airy...
Still have the windows to paint...but that will have to wait until summer...can't be done now!
Picnic quilt pattern by Carrie Nelson made in Swedish retro fabrics and my still unfinished Great Granny Along quilt...

New storage for mittens, socks or whatever needed to be fixed
instead of that missing cupboard...
found these ...suitable for my income
...and so far it works just fine!

And a perfect place for my birthday gift from last year
...the little mini gardening/light house...
Still no lights fixed in the hallway little battery blossom branches fixed some light!!
Still have some furniture to paint...
But for now I'm pretty content with it all...
these pine furniture will be painted some day...
But first I have promised Viktor a makeover in his room!!!:0)
Hmmm... Do you spy a new quilt in the corner...:0) is...
and lots of lovely and marvellous gifts
displayed underneath the quilt...
Someone have had her birthday!!!!
Back with that another day...:0)

See always...



  1. Viktor has such a wise head on his young shoulders. It looks amazing and with such pretty quilts around it certainly will do your soul so much good. Love it. Perhaps your team can be hired out to come and help me with mine. Xxx

  2. P.s. love the signage too. I want one of those. X

  3. Utrolig flinke dere har vært Det er blitt virkelig lyst og fint.Her har malingspannet stått fremme over to år og kjøkkenet er halv ferdig malt :) Venter på litt energi skal komme tilbake Jeg har sydd XO quilten nå, inspirert av Snøfrid teppe ditt Er i gang med sammen sying
    Riktig God Påske

  4. I can understand why you are so happy! You have achieved so much with you little army of helpers! Love it and all your quilts on display :)

  5. Oh it's wonderful! I wonder will you paint the desk under the stairs? You could go with a lovely aqua colour to give the space a bit of zing :o)

  6. Hey Stina! WOW! Doesn't a coat (or five or six! :0) ) of paint make a HUGE difference! Everything looks so much lighter and brighter, so I'm sure you will be feeling bright, happy and cheerful even in dark winter. :0) And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! From one March gal to another. Hope your birthday was super-special and that the coming year is full of fantastic new adventures with lots of good friends, good food and LOTS of fabric! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  7. Happy Birthday!! Your home looks so lovely & welcoming now :) I love all the color from the quilts! xo

  8. Stina, Stina! Just beautiful. Looks like pictures in a magazine. But all that white, you will be cleaning and not sewing. And you are the queen of pink!

  9. Happy Birthday Stina! Your home looks lovely and happy and I love it!

  10. What a great transformation.

  11. Happy Birthday. Love the transformation...bright and airy everywhere.

  12. Hej Stina! Det måste kännas helt underbart att ha fått ett helt "nytt" hus.
    Vilken fantastisk födelsedagspresent.Hoppas Louise inte glömde min hälsning.
    Glömde hon så förstår jag varför. Ni måste haft mycket att prata om. Ha det bra och se till att sköta om dig.
    Kram från Louise D

  13. Oh my word - how beautiful, fresh and clean looking!! And all the beautiful quilts make it "HOME".

  14. beautiful! so fresh and clean. a nice backdrop for your beautiful quilts.

  15. Your house looks so beautiful !!! and your quilts are perfect upon all this white !!
    You've done a really great job ! Bravo !



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