April 16, 2013

A dream come true...:0) please HELP...:0)

Did I tell you that I love my family and friends...
If I haven't ...I'll do it again...

Why do I need your help in all this then...
read on and please share what ever you know!!:0)

I got firewood!!!:0)
Yepp...I got firewood...:0)
Aha...a puzzle fit for a 50 year old...
not that many pieces...lol...
Holy macaroni!!!
Crazy crazy family and friends....
I am going on a paid vacation!!!!!
Oh yes I am...:0)))

Isn't this the most wonderful gift so say!!



I am so so happy for it...
and have just recently taken all this in...

And there is more to it...
I will have a travelling companion...

So friends out there!!!
This is why I need your help!!!

I want to go somewhere "QUILTY" of course...
but the world is big...

So friends...
please share the news on fun things going on
at your place in the world...

Because STINA...and Louise
are going on a TRIP!!!

If someone doesn't want to write here on the blog...
Email me at
kviltstina at gmail dot com
Love always!!!

Do you see me smiling
and maybe doing a little happy dance...:0))



  1. Why not Birmingham in august/september. Hanne and I are going there next year for the first time. But I have heard so much about it.

  2. Please, pretty please go to the NEC in Birmingham in August and I will meet you there. Oh I am so excited for you. You kept that a very big secret and what a fabulous surprise. The NEC is our biggest quilt convention with so many exhibits and trade stand, lots to do in the evening too. Now I feel the need to beg.

  3. You know where I think you should come! What a fantastic present...and a fun way to give it to you...wherever you choose to go I'm sure you'll have the most fantastic and wonderful trip...xx

  4. Somewhere a bit different with some Australia designers http://leanneshouse.typepad.com/leanneshouse/2012/10/experience-hawaii-.html

    1. Have already checked....and wow it would have been a dream come true....:0)))

  5. The Festival of Quilt in Birmingham er flott Drar dit for tredje gang i år i august 9-11 Så har du en flott en i Gallaway Irland i 7-9 juni helt i begynnelsen. Så har du i St.Marie i Frankrike - den er en opplevelse Masse små landsbyer med enormt mye quilt fra hele europa. Houston i texsas i november. Ja Veldhoven Nederland i17-20 oktober. EXPO Veldhoven 3-5 mai Og det finnes mange flere jeg har en hel tykk bok med Quiltemesser. Må si at Irland,Galaway satser på masse opplegg med quilt happnings rundt selve messen i tillegg. Se link på FB siden min

  6. Oh How Fun!!!

    Portland! Come to quilt market LOL!!!! ;-D

  7. If the coffer is bottomless - Houston in Oct-Nov. Who in their right mind can resist that?

  8. Oooh....what a wonderful gift!
    You are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends :)
    I would love to say come to Australia but maybe that is too far???

  9. This brings tears to my eyes. I am very happy for you, Stina. Now, where in the world will Stina travel to?

  10. Come to Australia it is a beautiful place. Think of all the stitchy places you could stay with all your blog friends. I would love to have you and Louise come stay with me.

  11. Ljuvliga bilder igen! En perfekt present till en så söt femtioåring! Tror, om jag vore i dina kläder, att jag skulle åka till Birmingham. Dels för att få en massa inspiration och även för att kanske få lite påfyllning i tygförrådet ;-) Sedan är det en lagom (väldigt svenskt, jag vet) lång resa men som kommer att innehålla en massa roligheter. Du har ju det bästa tänkbara ressällskapet! :-) Oavsett vad du bestämmer dig för så hoppas jag innerligt att ni får en toppenhärlig resa!
    Massa kramisar

  12. Hello Stina, a lovely post....enjoy your journey....Warm Regards, Lyn

  13. New Zealand, just for the fun of it and maybe stop over in Australia. You would both be very welcome here.

    1. I really would love that Christine... new Zealand and Australia is a dream trip....!!!:O)



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