July 9, 2008

Louise (No blog)...and a little peek for someone...

This is how it goes when someone doesn´t have a BLOG and takes up Peg´s Challenge...you need to get yourself someone who wants to show your stuf at a blog!!!
And of course (even if I think she should have a blog so that we all can see all her fantastic quilts)...I was happy to support my friend Louise...when she was in need for some space in the cyberworld!!
Or maybe you think I made these wonderful quilts????
This Log Cabin she have been working on for 8 years...so that was a good one coming out of the closet...don´t you think... I love this one... since it´s on my blog ..it´s mine !!! :)
Weedwhacker...all brand new this spring ...from a pattern at Quiltville... oh this one is so Louise...vibrant colours...and yet so balanced...love it...so It´s mine too!!! :)
Oh my ...she has been finishing two quilts for Peg´s Challenge...congratulations Louise!!!
And more is coming!!!

We will have to wait for the strawberries in the north of Sweden for a while longer...but it´s looking good..Ok..it´s my neighbours...mine is not a pretty sight...
We moved them this year...and don´t think they recovered yet... :(
DH is having vacation... so there is a lot of things he wants to finish NOW...not tomorrow... Ok have to agree ...thats good ...but I need to sew!!! But on that ear he doesn´t listen at all..just mumbling a lot of mumbo jumbo... So when I lost my flowerbed I said I wanted to make something where we had the vegetables and strawberries... So I came up with an idea of moving the fireplace to this spot...and make something nice of it... and out came a lot mumbo jumbo again...but after some hard work .....it´s finished...with the hay drying rack that I love!!! :) Just need some new benches... guess it will be alright...it´s not so much sun here...a lot of shade from our neighbours house...the strawberries didn´t like it... So I guess we can spend some time here instead :)
...and this is for you Linda.... a little peek of what I might use in the Cup Cake Swap... so If you don´t like it...Yell...high ...so I can hear it all the way to Sweden!!! :)


  1. Your friend's quilts are very nice. And she needs to start a blog. I want to see more of her quilts.
    Stina, you sure have been getting lots of goodies in the mail. You must have been a very good girl!

  2. Thank you for giving me some space in the cyberworld!!!
    Love your new garden area!

  3. Hi Stina,
    You make sure and let Louise know that her quilts are gorgeous. I can just see you in your little area doing hand stitching and a fire going.
    Your colors for what you are making Linda go so well together, you do have an eye for putting it all together. Can you email me your address, I wanted to send the little one something.
    Have a Gooooood Day,

  4. Gave fabrics!!!Positively-- Linda will love them....

  5. Well, if I'm following along correctly - I think that strawberry should be yours, too *s*
    Louise's finishes are great. Easy to see why you would want to keep them for yourself.`

  6. I like your new area Stina...and I love the colours you are planning to use for Linda's "cup cakes"...and I am with you...the quilts are on your blog so they must be yours...LOL

  7. The yard looks wonderful Stina! And thank you for showing the quilts. They are lovely.

    And as far as the cupcake swap goes... If she isn't in love with those colors, I sure am :o)

  8. Louise needs to get herself a blog, those quilts are just beautiful, and ohhhhh look at those pretttttty pinks. Not like them, are you crazy?....lol... I love them, yummmmmmmmmy....
    Oh and I've just about finished yours.....

  9. Hello Stina,
    I love the way you think. Now I need to find some one that needs to show their quilt pictures, and then I will own the quilt. Sounds fair to me. The log cabin quilt is really pretty. I made one of the weedwhacker quilts. It wasn't as pretty as your friends, and by the time I finished it I was really sick of it. It got really boring. I laughed when you said how you talked to your hubbie and he talks mumbo jumbo. You are so funny! I love reading your blog. TTFN..Lilly

  10. Stina what a lovely friend you are and as for Louise...these two quilts are just stunning....what a wonderful job she has done...

  11. Louise need to have a blog These are gorgeouse quilt. Your new place looks good too. And if Linda doesn,t like your fabric I DO LOL

  12. Louise's quilt are lovely and yes I agree if they are on your blog they are definitely yours. What is a hay drying rack? Do you dry hay on it and if so what do you use the hay for????? Good to see you have hubby hard at work.

  13. Så fint med hässjan där!

    Hälsningar Maud

  14. As always it´s great to see Louise´s quilts. It´s says both louise and Stina in this quilts ;-)

    love your new area in the garden..

    Take care!

  15. Like the new outdoor area in your garden Stina,Your friends quilts are lovely too, she definately needs a blog.

  16. You are such a good friend to post those quilt for Louise, she really should start a blog. The yard looks wonderful. And if Linda's not yelling loud enough, send it my way....LOL

  17. Your friend's quilts are beautiful. And I love the new area for your fireplace. What a wonderful place to sit and relax.

  18. I love your fabrics, although I'm not in the cupcake swap, just thought I would mention it anyway. I really like your blog background, looks terrific.



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