November 24, 2011

Advent secrets....

Hello everyone...
I´m back...and NOT so Grumpy...:O)))

Christmas is coming closer and closer and here in Sweden we are 
decorating for the first Advent...
Havent started YET...
only little...;o)
 making some decorations for the door... a christmas wreath...
and some decoration for a small tree...
After work tomorrow... 
all the boxes will be drawn out for 
I hope..:O)

This year I had BIG BIG intensions (as always) 
of keeping the tradition of advents gifts for my friends...
but gosh how lousy shops there are around here!!!!

So I did something else...
did draw something instead...

packed in little bags and sent off!!!

ANd please please let me have time to make this a little more fun 
and let my friends have a little christmas mystery!!!

Really hope so..:O))

Who knows.. if Im sweet and nice..
I might be posting it all on the blog for all..
but I need time!! :O)

Still no snow around here.. we had some but it rained away...
just some frost...

Molly loves the cooler weather...
and well not me...
guess she will have to make me love winter... :O)

Over and out from me and Molly..

(hey do you see new down´s


  1. Tusen takk for adventsglede i posten i dag. Gleder meg til å starte på den nå i helga. Og du er ikke alene om å ønske deg mere tid til å få sy.

  2. Glad to hear that we have nice sweet Stina back and not the grumpy Stina. What are you up to? Like the new seasonal header and the lovely photo of you and Molly. LOVE your pink coat and the groovy hat. You will both be seen in the snow for sure when it arrives.
    Love Coach.x

  3. Hi Stina

    What a great idea for your advent gifts. Molly is so cute!

  4. Det ser verkligen intressant ut gåvorna som du skickar till vännerna.....synd att jag inte är en av dem ;)Din blogg är så otroligt fin och jag besöker den emellanåt. Hoppas du får upp adventssakerna i tid. Jag ligger lite på efterkälken jag men det går bra det också

  5. Jag instämmer i ditt inlägg och Maggies kommentar när det gäller ditt fina med en adventsöverraskning,en kreativ sådan.Kanske du har kvar något kit som gick att köpa av dig.Hör av dig om.....
    Ha en skön helg och ha extra lyse för nu är det mörkt.Väntar på vit och fin snö och några minusgrader.

  6. It does look cold where you are at.
    Can't wait to see your calendar.

  7. You are beautiful, Molly and you !!!
    Happy winter !

  8. I am looking forward to seeing what you are making! Love your sweet Molly. I like seeing a picture of you in your cute hat and beautiful pink jacket! Looks cold there!

  9. Love the pictures of Molly...she looks like good company!

  10. You and Molly look all set for winter! Labs love the snow :o)

  11. Hello Stina, enjoyed catching up with you....Molly is beautiful....Hugs O'faigh

  12. Can't wait to see what you're making Stina! Wishing you and your family a lovely Advent!

  13. What a great idea and those friends will love it. I just love when you post pictures of Molly - she is so sweet. And that pink jacket - love it :).

    Hugs - Karen



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