December 20, 2011

Christmas Pincushion tutorial... part 2

 ok.. ready for part two...:O)

Christmas Pinchushion 
part two

Close up again..;O))
Now it´s time to prepare the stitchery for the applique
I did try first with just to needle turn the stitchery to the pincushion
So I show some pictures of that first if some one wants to do that.

(Needle turn method)

I used my lightboard to center and to see 
that the stitchery become the right size 
Then I used the needleturn method to
 stitch it to the top of pincushion..
but when finished I wanted to add some ric rac ...
 so I ripped it up...;O))) 
HAH...can´t do anything right from the beginning..LOL...

Picture below shows the stitchery added with needle turn.. needs something more..:O)
So ...of course I forgot to take some pictures
 of the next step...

Lazy method..;O)
Do like this:
Make templates

Template B in cardboard (cereal package)
Template A and C in freezer paper

*Use Template A (freezerpaper) to center the stitchery 
and cut around the outer line of the freezerpaper.

*Peel the freezer paper away and thread a needle
 and make a running stitch in outer edge
 and lay the cardboard template in the middle
 and pull the thread to gather the stitches around the template.
Did you get a nice and round stitchery???
Hope so..:O)

*Press it carefully to keep it´s form and take out the template...

*Start adding the ric rac with leaving a little tail in the beginning
 and just tuck the ric rac in while sewing around the stitchery
when coming to the end...overlap the two ends nice and end the seam.
Now it should look like this..:O)

 *Use template C (freezer paper)...
center it on the top of pincushion 
and cut around the outer edge of template...
 Hope you got all this..with my SWENGLISH!! :O)

Time to rest and some dinner for me...
See you all tomorrow with the last tutorial..:O))


  1. Very beautiful, Stina. I do like the added touch of rick-rack. Rick-rack makes lots of things so much fun :)

    Merry Christmas friend,

  2. Stopp....och hjälp! Jag hinner inte med! Men det är tur att jag kan gå tillbaka och göra mera sedan när jag har ork och tid. Det blir jätterart!

  3. Thank you for this pin cushion pattern .... it is quite lovely! Merry Christmas

  4. Its a lovely pincushikn, can't wait to see the final photo

  5. So pretty!! Thank you for the fun tutorial. I'll be back again tomorrow.

  6. Coach here. Understood it all so far. Have done the stitchery bit now have to find some suitable fabric and some time. Where did I put that time?!!!! Hope that thumb is getting better.

  7. It´s adorable pincushion Thanks a lot

  8. Such a pretty pincushion. I love it. Thank you for the design to stitch. I'm going to have to make a new pincushion.
    Merry Christmas



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