Friday, January 4, 2008

Hallå....hur kunde detta hända??? / could this happen??

Jag bara undrar...eller jag förstår inte alls...den var ju nyss tom... de måste ha förökat sig på något sätt...för jag har då inte köpt några nya tyger....eller kan jag ha glömt??? Nej ...det skulle jag absolut ha kommit ihåg!!! Så här skulle det ju inte få se ut i min korg med otvättade tyger...vem var det som slet sitt hår innan kursen med Leanne i höstas??? Jag ???? Tror att jag behöver HJÄLP....Just wondering...or can´t understand at all..this one was empty just a moment ago...they must have duplicated themselves in some way?? I haven´t bought any new fabrics at, no not me...I definitly would have remembered something nice as that!!! I know this was not how I promised that my laundrybasket with unwashed fabrics would look like!!! But it is... think I need help!!! Hmmmm.....Still can´t figured it out how it could happen...I washed every fabric in it just before my trip to Norway!!


  1. Don't you know fabric multiplies in a dark room!!!!!!!

  2. Nooo...I didn´t know!!! Why haven´t anybody told me so before!!!
    Thanks MayBritt...I owe you ;D

  3. Just wait!!!There will be more!



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