Sunday, March 2, 2008

Making progress...

Slow but safe...I think...I´m finally getting something done...have finished my stitchings on my Quilters Journey...preparing it for handquilting...yes I know I probably stupid here...but I think it needs some more stitches...LOL...and one more thing...I promised myself not to start Butterfly Garden until this one is finished...guess I´m much more stupid then I thought...cause I just want to start with that one!!!
Finally made the first block of Rosalie Quinlans Joy of Life ...I have been having pieces all over the place ..and last night i sewed them in place...pheeew! And this one...I was going to machineapplique...but no way I could do that...( my machine and I weren´t buddies last night...) so theese pieces were prepared with they were a bit tricky to applique by hand.... hmmmm.... but they will have to do. Freezer paper for the rest...yepp!!
I think it needs a pink binding...? What do you think! Light, medium or dark pink?


  1. There is only one choice... dark pink!!! It is very pretty!

  2. I soooo agree with a pink binding. Like Leanne told us to choose a colour from what you have chosen in the quilt.
    Love the new block you are working on. I have thought a long time of buying this BOM too, but have not done that yet.

  3. Woho! You have been busy! Well done! Yep, dark pink binding!

  4. Frankrike och kusin Eve röstar pa en mörkare ton, men allt du gör est magnifique!!!

  5. Oh, How gorgeous! This quilt is So-o-o-o "You", Stina.
    It's very pretty.
    I love pink also and binding...mmm.... I go for dark pink too. *S*

  6. Love your Quilter's Journey. Was this a kit or did you use your own fabrics? - beautiful either way.

  7. This is a lovely BOM isn't it? Your work will be so lovely with it.



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