Monday, March 3, 2008

50 th post.....

Can you believe that..I can´ did that happen??? Did I go tooo fast ...??? Hope not!...;D
Let´s celebrate!! I´m having a giveaway!!
Have been thinking about colours quite a lot theese last days..and am I the only one who have two alter egos...ones who like two (or three or more...) different kind of styles and colourways? For example..I like to dress in quite bright colours like turquoise, pink and limegreen. But I can´t use them in my home...where I have a mix of primitive style and country colours (beige, navyblue, burgundy etc) and shabby chic (dusty pinks, green and beige or white)... And how can you change for have beeing a blue person not to have (almost) anything blue at all...even if some blue have been sneaking its way back again!! This started me to think of:

How is it for you???...Please make a comment and tell me some more about your favourite colours... recent or past...the ugliest or whatever you want to share... and I will draw a winner in a couple of days!! A secret prize for someone...!!

My favourite colour now: Pink!! (or maybe green...)
One colour I seldom use: Black...
Past favourite colour: Blue!
This is tough...cause I really do love some ...can´t hate some but don´t like them...for example orange...that´s not my kind of colour...but sometimes thats just the right colour to use...and then you love it...!!! ;D

Good you all!!!


  1. My favorite color is green. I like it in my clothes, my house and my quilts. I also love blues, reds, browns, and anything repro. Congrats on your 50th post!

  2. My taste in colours changes, it seems, a lot! Currently, our home is decorated in waht can only be called a mix! Dusty rose, blue, some mint green. For quilts, I seem to be drawn to the Oriental fabrics and shabby chic. And yet right now I'm working on a black and white. I think I love all colours!

  3. Happy blogiversary Stina.
    Colours are wonderful. I love to play with them and it's so fun going in a quiltshop and just mix colours together.
    My favorit colours have always been the colours of autumn (yellow, orange, red). One colour I had problems using i quilts was blue. But when I've used blue in a quilt I really love it. So perhaps my favorite colours starts to be blue now hehehe. There is really no colour that I don't like.

  4. A tough question. I seem to be going through phases with my colours. I love blue..that is by far the easiest colour for me to work with. I struggle to buy green...but not yellow. As for putting colours together...well I have a lot of scrappy quilts and I'd like to experiment with a more primitive style and colour wave, but it hasn't quite happened yet.
    Congrats on 50 posts!!

  5. My favorite colors are blue and red to wear, blue mostly. Most of the walls in my house are blue. But I love to wear turquoise any shade.
    Congratulations on your 50th post!
    I quilt with all colors, but mostly darker shades

  6. 50 posts- congratulations!
    My not no wear color earlier was black - now i have lots of black clothes. Don't really understand what happened there. I also loke very brigth colors, specially blue, bluegreen, turquise, and cyclamen

  7. Dear stina

    Happy bloganniversery.Found you I think in australiab blog.What a surprice.We live only about 140 kilometers from each other and i think I have seen you on Rikstäckets kurser i Luleå.

    I love bright colours and have many unused fabrics.When I do something I use white,off-white and fabrics in very light colours.I hate orange but I can't resist fabrics in the colour.My first home had nearly everything in brown and yellow /orange and I was so fed up with it so I couldn't think of using these colours.Well I never my never leave my first love but....
    Have a nice time
    I'm going to Framnäs this weekend

  8. Wow, 50 posts, time goes fast.
    I tend to be very boring in my color choice.... I love bright blue accented with bright pink and lately a little pale yellow. My home is BLUE with pink, my dishes are blue or pink (including glassware) and my clothes seems to be blue or pink. I probably should live dangerously and go for green....naaa.

  9. obviously my fav colour is "blue" have always liked it........goes with most colours.......also so many shades from light to dark...

    but also to add to the yuck when I was younger I had a bright green, yellow and orange bedroom and thought I was SOOOOOOOOO - green is a pretty close second.......

    don't like black much and would not use it it any quilts but I do love the look of a black and white quilt.......

    yes I know

  10. Hi mum :)
    I have to say that my favorite colours are green and brown. I am emidietly drawn to these, both as cloths and decoration in my lovely apertment. But I seem to have mixed emotions if I like bright or darker more eartly colors the best. I tend to wear darker colurs but I fit the best in brighter ones accordingly to Mum, alias Stina.
    I must say that I have more problems to like colurs like black and especially white.

  11. Hi sexy :) My favorite colurs are black and green because they are just great to match :) Love what you have done to your blog !
    Love / Petra

  12. Congratualtions on reaching 50 posts. I love, love, love the look of your blog. So fresh and clean looking. A real inspiration. As to favourite colours/styles - I love antique quilts and reproduction fabrics. At the moment, pink and brown are probably my favourites. Also like red and white together. Of late, I'm also very attracted to a fresher shabby chic style. Pale pinks, blues and greens are very yummy.

  13. Hi Stina, found your blog through Blueberry Lane. I love pink and red and brown and green and anything romantic and girly in quilts. But I dress very boring in black and brown.

  14. Hi, Stina! Congratulations on reaching your 50th! Way to go, and keep it up ;o)

    Colour? They are wonderful!!! I think for me it is a matter of mood. Some days I'm drawn to warm colours and some days to cold, pastells one day, and strong clear shades the next. The only colour I keep returning to is blue - all shades of it from the palest powder blue to strong royal blue and dark midnight :o)

    Fun question! Hope you have a great day! Hugs...

  15. Ooops,*LOL* I thought I wrote a comment! *S*
    Congratulations on your 50th post!!!

    My favorite color? It's a pink! but quilt wise, I love brown, indigo blue, cheddar, mustard, posion green, chrome yellow, and of cause, Double pink! *S* Have too many, hun?*LOL*

  16. Congrats on your 50th post. My taste in colour has changed. I used to love navy and burgundy, I still do but I seem to be preferring the softer pastels.

  17. Stina
    my favourite colour is a blue-purple.. my walls are painted this colour, but I wear brown and black most of the time! and my quilts have no purple in them, mostly pinks, greens and yellows! 30's are my favourite colours, as they are so 'crisp'..

    congrats on your bloggiversary!



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