Thursday, March 27, 2008

Started on a new quilt....

Still at home with a foot who is slowingly getting better..I hope...So a little sewingtime for me it is...even if my son is at home free from school...Easter I can´t sew all day...
Finally got started on this pattern from Cheri Saffiote Payne...thanks to Lea in Japan...I saw it on her blog ..and decided to make my version of it... instead of My Country Week I guess I will have to call it something else...Shabby Primitive Week or something like that...;D...Have made all the backgrounds and prepared another I can sit with my foot up high (mothers order...and the doc)..
And look at theese beauties...some lovely fabrics for me...Simplicitys woven...*LOL*
And now I really need to do some washing...:( I don´t like that..but really have to...Hope that you all have forgotten my promise about washing fabrics...;D

My giveaway presents has arrived at their new and sound I can find them here and here...


  1. Remember it's "Shabby Chic!!" Because I think she's a classy lady in a pretty pink dress!!! I love your color variation. The pastel wovens are beautiful --- looks like spring... When will your snow melt???? How warm does it get your way?

  2. Wow! I love your Monday block!!! Oh, She has a very pretty dress... Pretty in Pink! I shall called her.*S* love it, love it!!! Well done, Stina!
    and your purchases are sooooooo lovely! Oh, I love those plaids. It's so spring/early summer taste colors.*S*
    P.S. Yes, put up your foot! That's my order too.*S*

  3. Hope you are up and around soon. Love this block. Such wonderful fabric combinations.

  4. Such a nice block! I love Lea and your variations. Beautiful!

  5. Your Monday lady is so sweet - love her pink dress. The background plaid is really cool too. I just love how you put fabrics and colours together. Yours and Lea's are two of my most favourite blogs to visit. Can't wait to see what you do with your Simplicity fabrics. I bought a charm pack of these. Hope your foot is better.




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