Thursday, April 24, 2008

Been sewing...;D

...but sorry can NOT show you a thing...they are all secrets...;D... would love to ...but...I think the ladies who will receive this...would like it to be a surprise...Yes I´m talking about my PIFs...
And ladies...THEY ARE NOT you will have to wait for a bit longer...;D

Please check out these blogs...first JulieK...she has a wonderful giveaway...probably stupid to send you me less chance to win... ;D ..but you all deserve that...

And this new blog I resently found at My Favourite Things... she has a giveaway too...ohh she has the most beautiful things made up...Love it...I would be glad if you mentioned that Kviltstina sent them there...
This is a quilt I made last year...ohhhh..was it a year ago..or is it two...time flies so fast I lost track... Me and Marica took a trip to Louise for some serious sewing...;D...and Marica was the one who started this one...she started to sew hers...I wanted to do one and Louise did as well...So poor DH of Louise had to jump between quilts laid all over the floor at her house...*LOL*...ohhh we had a blast!
So this is my version...of "Gammal Kärlek" in pink, browns and beige... Marica made hers in black, burgundy and beige and Louise in pastelblues and pink...
Maybe Marica show you hers if you ask her nicely...;D...and she is having a PIF at her place...join her!!

No...better stop blogging now... its time to bake (dont like this...;D) some cakes for a tennis tournament this weekend...
Have a really nice time out there...and please..


  1. Kjempe fint teppe:-)
    Ha en kreativ helg/weekend:-))

  2. Oh, This quilt is sooooo beautiful! I love those pink & browns! cute, cute!

  3. Thanks for letting us know about the giveaways! Love your quilt!

  4. Love the quilt, the pinks browns and creams are very pretty and happy baking.

  5. This quilt is so nice and it was for one year ago we went to Louise and had some serious sewing ;-)

    Thanks for great bloggs!

    hugs from me

  6. Wonderful fabric combinations . . . and those little pickets around the bed are just so cute *s*

  7. Love your pink and brown quilt. Very you. And the picket fence around the bed is so cool. What a great idea. Thanks for the links. Will definitely check them out.
    Take care.


  8. Love that quilt - great color combo and I also like that little picket fence. To cute.

    Hugs - karen

  9. Hi Stina,

    Just getting caught up after vacation! I love the quilt you made a year ago, beautiful! Happy belated birthday to Petra!

  10. Oh I Love your use of pink! It is one of my favorite colors but so seldom used in primitive quilts. I love your work :o)



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