Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not a mess anymore...yet...;D

I haven´t sewed at all the last couple of days... after I had visited Julianns blog the other day I had to face it...I had to go upstairs and make some serious cleanup!!! Ohhh how in the world is it possible to have such a mess... (infact it was more messy before I took the pictures...had started to pick up from the floor...;D) So I started to some organizing...throwing old ...very old patterns and stitcheries from who knows when...;D... and finally there was s ome space for the new ones...*LOL*...

...And clutter paper and patters or fabrics everywhere...
...and it feels so calming now...might even enjoy myself here now...
...still had to leave some racingcars for my he will have something to do when I sew...

...found a place for my new PINK magazine holders...
...maybe I will have to finish that wallhanging...I think it has been on that wall for over a year now...;D...
This old filing cabinet I got from my mother-in-law...for almost 9 years ago...and it´s the best ...
...for storing my fabrics in...perfect compartments for my folded fabrics...
...and yes I have fabrics in other places tooo..*LOL*...
Hardly uses the fabrics from the lower part...kind of bright for me at the moment..;D
Almost finished with the the sewingroom...I have one thing left...and that is...
...WASH all my new fabrics...Pheeewww...
I´ve done it again...*LOL*...hope I will learn wash them right away!!!

Hope you all will have a very nice weekend ...with family, friends or whatever you want to...maybe some sewing or gardening for them who can do that...;D
Today it´s SATURDAY...and its candy we will enjoy some Japanese and American bubblegum today...*LOL*


  1. You call that messy!!!? That 's what my sewing room looks like after I straighten it up...Oh, well we all have different tolerence levels...and my room is SOOO much smaller than yours...

  2. What a lovely space you have to sew and be creative. Your cabinet of fabric is amazing! Well done. Now have a great time messing it up again.

  3. Looks great! Have fun with the candies and gum - take a picture of the biggest bubble to share *s*

  4. What a great sewing area you have...great light coming from your window...

  5. Your sewing room is so charming! I love it! That is a nice bright, large space. And wow... that is quite a fabric stash. :o)

  6. Hi Stina,
    Your sewing room looks great what a lovely place to sew.Isn't your fabric cupboard just perfect for that.Hope it stays tidy longer than mine does after I have a clean up.Enjoy your candy.

  7. What a lovely place to create in.... there is something about a clean up it make you feel really good. I am soooo impressed with that fabric cupboard.

  8. I love your sewing room - very quaint. I can just see you stitching away in there. Very impressive fabric cupboard - it all looks easy to get at. Also love all the baskets you've got to store stuff in. Hope you feel more like sewing now you have such a lovely tidy space. I know I struggle with motivation when mine's messy.

  9. You got a lovely sewingroom!!!! I wish mine was a little bigger :)

  10. Wow I wish my room looked as good as yours. It's nice to step back and put somethings away so it's easier to start on a new project.

    Enjoy the candies.

  11. I love the cheerfulness of your site and your clean up on your sewing room made me hurry to mine and try to clean it up too.YOur beautiful work is an inspiration to me, I am a new blooger and love this new part of my life thanks to Anne Heidi at PiecebyPiece.Till nect time,Blessings

  12. Thanks so much for your sweet note, you will surly be an inspiration to my as well as my other special friends over there. Blessings

  13. Oh my goodness - what a beautiful room to be sewing in. You did a great job of getting it organized. When I do that it last until I start my next project then it's back to a mess again.

    Hugs - Karen

  14. Wonderful place for sewing ! mine is not so clean, still a mess !



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