Monday, April 7, 2008

Black and White week and some tennis...

This have been a VERY tough week for me... why then...???
Early this year my quiltinggroup "Kviltarna" decided to exchange blocks with each other every month...take a look here and you will see my blocks... I have finished Kristinas blocks and have sent them to the next person...recieved Cicis...and they are black and I have this kind of fabrics??!!...Oh no...and yes I did find some...orderd some and a little help from Marica I finished them...struggled slowly but they are finished!!! Why was that so hard...;D They look great...but black....;D...A great challenge for me and I did it!
Just a little peek...can´t show mine...
...this is Cici´s startblocks...

This weekend we have been away on a tennis tournament ( softball) in Kalix with my son and stayed over at a hotel with another family ...
And we and the kids had such a great time...nice arrangements and a fun tournament...
Had my sewingbag with me...and not a stitch sewn...;D We stayed at a small hotel...think we were almost alone there...thanks for that...cause...the kids might have been a bit hotel...all by ourself ...WOW..! Running up and down the stairs... playing hide and seek and so on...Laughing pretty load!!
... A nice prize...2:nd place for my son...
On Sunday we took a trip to IKEA...and shopped...not much...but found some lovely PINK "holders" for my magazines...which are all over the place...;D So now I´m hoping to be a little bit more organized...
A fast detour to Finland...bought some nice chocolate...Mmmmm...
My son tried to read some Finnish...but gave up...;D
A lovely weekend spend with family and friends...


  1. Vackert med svart och vitt - men verkar pillrigt - det är väl det som är utmaningen.

    Hälsningar Maud

  2. Good work Stina :) I know you can make beautiful work with black fabrics. You know the cute cosmeticbag to Petra.. Great to read that it goes well for your son and give him a hug from me ;-)

    hugs Marica

  3. Grattis kramar till sonen !!!
    Du, dom rosa tidsskriftspärmarna finns även hos mig, men underbara tidningar i.
    Vi ses i morgon.
    ( i morgon skall du få visa hur jag gör för att slippa vara anonym !hi,hi )

  4. It's always interesting working with colours that we normally wouldn't use for ourselves. Your needleturn is beautifully done, and congrats to your son on his prize.

  5. Congrats to your son!
    You did great on the black and white blocks! Challenging, but educational, I suppose!

  6. The bit we can see on your black and white blocks looks great, I find it hard to work with colours I dont normally use too.Congratulations to your son, sounds like you had a great weekend.Have a great day

  7. Love the Winding Ways blocks in Black and white! You did a terrific job! Congrats to your son!

  8. Your black & white blocks are beautiful. Glad you had such a nice weekend.



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