Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday Lady...

It´s Tuesday today......finally got this block ready...it has been on tour...first to Arjeplog and had it with me this weekend to Finland...so it has travelled around a bit...
I loved to sew on this one...I love to add things to all my stitcherys and quilts...have to stop myself from time to time...otherwise it will be full of small details all over...maybe some more frenchknots...and perhaps some grass...and maybe ...No ...I won´t add any more...I think...;D

Have to say that I´m a bit envious of my dear friend Louise who is going to Chicago tomorrow on this big (!) International Quilt Festival this wekend...
Hope someday it will be my turn to go...;D Wish you all the luck and take a LOT of photos and bring a HUGE amount of ideas with you home...I will sit and wait by the phone...*LOL*
Have a really wonderful time...love you...and take care...
Hope you all are well out there in blogland and are having a really creative week...
Good luck with whatever you are working on...


  1. Lovely Tuesday block! I have been known to have a few traveling works in progress too. It keeps your hands busy during down times!

  2. And my friend Hanne went to chicago today to go to the big DJ festival. So we to have to stay home. But we are going someday, arent we???

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  4. Beautiful work! It is nice to have something to take with you.

  5. Oh I love the block! It is so cute. The little flowers are adorable.

  6. GEE! Where was I!??? *LOL* I missed all your wonderful posts!
    your Tue. lady block is adorable! Great job, Stina!
    P.S. I wish to be in Chicago's or Houson's quilt show one day. and strongly hope to meet you at those quilt shows!*S*

  7. Your Tuesday block is very cute no need to add any more.

  8. I love this block.........can you give me more info where it is from etc

  9. What a gorgeous block. Sorry I've been so slack in the commenting department. Enjoying catching up a bit tonight.



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