Saturday, May 17, 2008

Garden and no sewing...

Still mad and disappointed about that shop...and still no news... :( ...but still hoping for some luck...not giving up...had to close down my creditcard and probably have to fix myself a new one!! But I have to say...this is the first time it happend and I have been ordering from other countries for at least 10-15 years...
Lost my joy for sewing...but it will come again...

Today we started to take away all the old leaves... check what has survived the winter... my roses didn´t look good at all...had to cut them down almost completely... :( and the same with some other bushes we have infront of the house...oh boy they layed flat on the I cut them down too... the flowers I don´t know about yet...still a bit early for them to come up!
There are still some promising flowering ahead...
...this is one of my absolutly favourites...can you tell what it is....
its a "syrenknopp" ...still don´t know... ;)´s a bud from lilac...I just love that picture... has been so cold the last the grapehyacints still blossoms... is the white scilla...
...and isn´t this one of earths lovliest scilla...

And in the mood I am now... I looked at my VERY large pile of unwashed fabrics...found fabrics in that one...that was at least 1 1/2 year old... :$ know how I hate this...don´t you?
But a little anger works very well with ironing!! :z
...this is what I have washed and ironed...for the last days...and this is just a third!!! I decided...NO sewing until this is finished!!! But I have to say...I found some very lovely fabrics... :D...that I completely forgot ...they were like new again!!!
Have a nice time out there in the world...and a special greeting to all norweigans...
Ha en härlig Nationaldag!! :~


  1. love the flowers.....nice pics.......

  2. Those scillas are beautiful. I love the white one. Have fun washing all your fabrics. I'm not very fond of that job either.
    Shame about your troubles with that shop.

  3. Hi Stina. Isn't nature amazing the blue is fantastic. I love your new header....... I am impressed with that pile of ironed fabrics..... keep up the good work.

  4. You have been a super busy girl Stina. You can stop by my place if you like to wash, iron and fix the garden. When you are done we can sit and stitch! Have a great weekend. Don't forget to have some 'ME' time. Jo x

  5. That's really too bad about that store. Have you contacted your credit card company -- and asked them to assist?
    Yikes -- all that ironing! Look like some gorgeous fabrics in there!

  6. Oh, Stina! Thank you for posting absolutely beautiful flower pictures!
    All of are so gorgeous and I really love blue scilla!

    Speaking about beauty, your fabric stash is so lovely. You even did beautiful ironing! :-D

  7. Hi Stina, So sorry to hear about the bad luck with the shop. I have never ordered from them so I cannot give you any advice. Your flowers look so beautiful!! Such inspiration! Love the colors. They would definitely make me want to go in and look through my fabric. You certainly did and I love what you have chosen. I am excited to see what you will do with them!

  8. So sorry about your bad shopping experience. Wow...what a stack of fabric. Hope you are back to sewing soon.

  9. Beautiful flowers Stina,your garden must be very pretty.Looks like some lovely fabrics in that stack,happy washing

  10. Sorry to hear about your unfortunate shopping experience - I hope you get to the bottom of it. In the mean time, a bit of garden therapy "dirt therapy" always helps to pick up the spirits. Your flowers are simply beautiful.

  11. Hey Stina,
    I am leaving a comment because I have REALLY bad computer problems and can not email Grrrrrr You gift arrived today and I love is absolutely are very clever... Lucas has been eyeing off the chocolate since he got home from work. I will post a photos as soon as my computer is up and running......thanks once again I love-love-love it.

  12. Ooohhhh your fabrics are yummy! My stash is so small compared to that. I am a pattern stasher and not so much a fabric stasher, but I am going to work on changing that, lol.

    Your roses should do just fine. Mine die all the way back every year, and as long as there is some green at the base, they will thrive again.

  13. Such beautiful flowers in your garden . . . the blues are just wonderful. Hope that there is a resolution to your fabric shop problem soon . . . so frustrating when you can get no help.

  14. Hey Stina! Your fabric stash looks fun! Isn't it great to be going through fabric you haven't looked at for a while and you find some you're forgotten about - it's like Christmas!! Looking forward to seeing what creations you come up with to use it all! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)



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