Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quickie number 2...

If anybody knows anything about this shop...please mail me at
I made an order with the shop on the 19 th of april...and nothing at all happends!! :@
Can not come in contact with the shop..tried emails...tried phonecalls..even Sharon tried to help me out here... (thankyou...) :L So if you know anything...please mail me...
and whatever you do...don´t order anything!!

Got another bloodhound on the track...
Thankyou Pat for trying to help... :L


  1. Oh boy Stina.... hope you are able to get your order. That is so frustrating.

  2. So sorry to hear that, Stina.
    Did they charge you already?
    I had this kind of nasty experience before. I know it's very frustraing....

  3. Hope you get some answers soon. How frustrating! Sounds like terrible customer service.

  4. Hi Stina, oh, what a horrible thing to happen. Hope your credit card didn't get charged.



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