Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Green Day...

Today it is a day for some green stuff...
first of all...hoping for some luck again against the Czeck in Hockey...hoping for green light we will proceed in the tournament...Heja Sverige!!!

And finally started to wash up some fabrics...
so ...this is some of the green fabrics...more to come... ( one wash ironed and one more to go...pheew...I hate this!)

On the 24 th of May...we have Eurovision Song Contest here in Europe...there are 43 countries competing with their we have started to listen to all the songs...and got our own son has one...I have one...and DH...really don´t know his...and of course we have Swedens contribution...We love to see this event and are competing agaist each other... ;)
...very friendly...*LOL*
...wishing for thumbs up for my favourite of course...

I signed up for Cyber Stitching as well at Mrs Martins Quiltshop...take a look at is faboulous things we are going to make and it sounds really fun...the only thing is that it is on Midsommers Eve...Ooppssss...(...don´t know how we will celebrate this sitting and handstitch ...the other ones celebrate midsummer in some way... ;) ) have to check time difference too...*LOL*...

And finally I have to confess... ;D ...I have signed up for another PIF...couldn´t just wait until Carey at Blueberry Lane announced her PIF at her blog...think I was the first to sign in...*LOL*
So ladies...this is the rules...


  1. Cyber Stitching day sounds very tempting. I emailed tonight for the details. Anni Downs new book of stitcheries looks very cute.

    Your PIF is also very tempting but I really need to complete the one I'm already committed to before I sign up for another one.

  2. Cyber stitching day sounds very tempting. I'm waiting on some more details before I decide whether to join up or not.

    Your PIF is also very tempting but I must finish the ones I'm already committed to before I sign up again.

  3. Ciao
    mi piacrebbe partecipare al tuo pif


    can participate in your pif?


  4. I am interested in doing your pay it forward... but do you think I could make my projects in wool?? When reading the rules it specifies differently, but honestly my wool work is way better than my piecing :o) So if you think that is okay, then I will sign up with you :o)

  5. Okay, sign me up! I will post in the next couple of days. Thanks Stina!



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