Monday, May 12, 2008

A Much Better Day...

One thing with bad days...they are often followed by better days...
Yesterday was a day I stuggeled with everything...nothing went as I wanted it I guess it was not so clever to sit infront of the sewingmachine and hoping to achieve something...probably should have watched TV all day...*LOL*

Today it´s another day...My son woke me up and said we beat Czechia in World Hockey Championships in Canada.... Yiiipiiie!!
Ate my breakfast...nothing strange happened...(didn´t drop my sandwich...this time...)...Managed a little sewing...finished some sewing...
At lunchtime the mailman came...loaded the mailbox full with a lot of goodies...;D
...two wonderful magazines...oh they were filled with a lot of things I would like to do...which one to start...Hmmmm...there were a lot...;D...and I had been given noticed by Jo at Vintage Lane Stitches....
...that I was supposed to be in Homespun...and she was right..It is me...look up in the right corner...;D... So I´m sort of famous in Australia now...*LOL*
When I read that article...I remembered what a fantastic trip I had with my friends to Norway... and having a class with Leanne Beasley (that beats a lot of things)...that is one wonderful memory...really a GOOD day ...indeed...and this is not all...
One month ago I was lucky to win again...this time I was the lucky one at The Calico Horse...and today my prize Jellyroll and one charmpack!!!!...;D Thanks Donna!!!
...and I´m so happy to have my own ME fabrics now...have an idea of what I want to do with the fabrics...but have to think a bit...

And later this day I ordered five...or was it six... new quiltingbooks for our quiltinggroup sponsored by SV Nord...*S*
And we all are feeling well...even my aching tooth and foot doesn´t bother me so much today...*LOL*
So ...have I had a good day or what!!!

And speaking of Giveaways...Kerry at My Favourite Things are having a giveaway again... So please visit her ...hope it will be your turn to win this time...even if I´m hoping for beeing lucky one more time....I really do love her patterns!!!

And Karen at My Yellow Farmhouse is also having a wonderful check her out!!

So I hope that you all are having Good Days...and if it´s a Bad Day...tomorrow is another Day!!


  1. hello from germany...
    your blog is very nice and i am a great fan from schweden.
    good luck

  2. Congratulation to your prize! Nice to see that you are a famouse person i AUS now ;-) It´s nice to had great friends too :)

    hugs from me

  3. Hi Stina,
    You might of had not such a good day one day but the next made up for it with all those nice things you recieved in the mail.Glad you recieved your homespun so soon,nice picture isn't it?Look forward to seeing what you make with the fabrics you won.Have a great day.

  4. OMY you are famous, I have received the magazine but have not read all the articles, know what I am doing tonight....

  5. I love those magazines. I am on auto ship for all of them. LOL!!! I save and cherish each one.

  6. Lucky you. I hope I get the magasine soon because Leanne promised to send one to me :)
    You are a famouse girl now !! we sure had a great time together in Trysil.

  7. Glad you have had a better day. I will have a look for you in homespun. I love those fabrics they are what I used for my table runner.

  8. How exciting to receive all that fun mail and then find out that you are famous, too - it's not every girl that is in a quilt magazine *s* Way to go.
    Can't wait to see what you make with the fabrics. They look so cheerful.

  9. Stina, you are famous! How cool is that? Glad you are having a better day today. My American Patchwork and Quilting magazine came yesterday and definitely brightened my day.

    Thank you for the heads up on the giveaways :o)

  10. So glad to hear that your day is improving! Love those magazines and wow--you are pictured in one! I will look forward to seeing all the books you ordered!

  11. You lucky duck... receiving all this goodies!! Enjoy!
    And on top of that... being famous! Wow! That's fun!

  12. I was very excited to see your picture in Homespun. Before I read the caption I thought 'I think I know her - then I realised it was you. It's great to have such a famous blogging buddy.
    Lucky you winning that lovely jelly roll and charm pack. I'm sure you'll make something gorgeous with them. Hope you're having lots of good days now. The bad ones aren't much fun.



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