Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I´m still here...

...just not been able to blog so PIFs I´m working on...they never seem to be ready for shipping....;D
Thankyou all who have been starting to miss me...and checked me out...I´ve got out of my closet now...;D...hopefully with lots of energy...!!!
You know I love flowers ...don´t you...;D...hope you want to see some more and not tired of them...
...this is one of my favourites..."vårstjärna"... think its called glory-of-the-snow in this blue colour...
...and scilla in white...
...and scilla in blue...
...and this one ...kind of ugly but ...but its one of mother natures masterpieces...
rhubarb... ohh...think of rhubarb pie and vanilla ice cream...;D....Mmmmm

...haven´t been all
that lazy...been sewing a lot...;D...working on my PIFs...sorry no photos...*S*...but the other day... I just had to sew on something I finished my Saturday and Sunday block... On the Saturday block I exchanged the pumpkins to some more "Swedish " vegetables...and I liked how I turned out...;D

....and I couldn´t stop myself that day...just had to start putting the quilt togehter...

...have come this far...exchanged orignal letters and heart...appliqued mine...added some more strips...cause the pattern didn´t beware you ladies who is working on this one...More flowers to be appliqued and a border...we will see what becomes of this one...;D
No I better get some sewing done...while my son is at school and I have the house all by my self...;D


  1. Your flowers and quilt are both beautiful. We still don't have flowers, but maybe in a couple of weeks. My daughter is graduating high school, so I have been busy with all of the preparations for that. I guess I'll always have stitching--not always having daughters at home:). Take care... Stitch for me.

  2. It came out very nice. Now I want to make one too...I always get so inspired by your projects! I guess that is a good thing because otherwise I would not get much done.
    Thank you for the inspiration! (But I will wait a little before I start...or maybe not)

  3. Great to see you here again :)) Nice flowers and just so wounderful quilt. It´s says Stina about this one (color and fabric choise)! Can´t wait to see it in RL.

    hugs from me

  4. I love your beautiful flowers. :o)

    The quilt is GEORGEOUS! Oh boy, I have to put that on my list of 'somedays' because I absolutely love it. Beautiful work!

  5. Your flowers look wonderful - and rhubarb - yummy *s*
    Your Country Week looks great. I have a partially done one around here . . . somewhere. I should dig it out and get to work.

  6. Beautiful flower photos! Rhubarb may be a bit ugly, but it sure tastes fabulous!

  7. Hi Stina,
    Love the quilt and pretty flowers.

  8. love the flowers and the blocks are looking great.........

  9. what beautiful flowers, I love the way your blocks are going together.

  10. Hi Stina,
    The vårstjärna are a beautiful shade of blue.
    Your studio looks like a great place to create and "WOW"! what a great stash of fabric.

  11. Oh, oh it is wonderful. The days of the week blocks quilt really appeals to me. You have done a very good job on it.

  12. Hi Stina, my header is a work in progress, not sure what the final picture will be yet. Your quilt's coming along nicely, I love applique and stitchery all together, just gorgeous!

  13. Hej Stina,
    jeg kommer fra Tyskland og jeg snakker en lite, lite norsk. Jeg haper du forstar. Du har en mange bra blog, jeg elsker det. Jeg er i ferie gjerne i Sverige og Norge. Jeg elsker det mange, mange. Jeg kommer pa besok pa bloggen bestemt.
    Mange hilsner og bra pinse Barbara

  14. Hi Stina. It looks like you have achieved a lot! The quilt looks great and so do the flowers

  15. Your quilt has come together beautifully.

  16. OMG!!!!!! You aready finished this quilt!!!! Wonderful job, Stina!
    Gee... I'm so far behind this quilt!*S*



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