Sunday, May 11, 2008


Don´t do this ladies...
I´m soooo frustated...arrrrghhh...and stupid stupid!! In my eager to finish of my PIFs...I started to sign this one without having my brain connected with my hands...I signed this thing ...put on the binding ...and wow...a great result as you can see... So I hope this sweet receiver have some imagination of what it says...
...cause I won´t re do it!!! So just a little thought to everybody on a "wonderful" Sunday...


  1. Hey -- It happens, It makes you human... Tons of heart went into the piece... Lucky girl to receive the gift..I'm sure she'll love it... If it were mine, it would be a reminder of how much I love quilts and the love of them doesn't come from perfection in stitches, but in the emotions of the craftsmanship.....

  2. Oh Stina....I am sure there is not a quilter alive who has not done something like that....our brains do work far to fast sometimes...I am sure the person will love the gift no matter what....

  3. I'm sure who ever receives it and it may be me will love it anyway.

  4. Arbeids ulykke skjer vel for oss alle:-( men ergelig.
    Du syr mye fint og ikke minst alle de flotte bildene av blomster.
    Her i nord norge snør det i dag:-( så det er fint sy maskin vær.
    Ha en fin uke.-)

  5. Hi,
    Sometimes it happens and I know it´s not often it does for you but the reciver will love it :)

    hugs from me

  6. Huffda. Ja, er det ikke fælt når man gjør sånne dumme ting. Det er du nok ikke alene om å gjøre, vi har alle gjort det, om og om igjen:)
    Jeg liker bakgrunnen på bloggen din, den har mine yndlingsfarger, og gjør meg glad.



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