Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A bag...and my giveaway ...I think...

Maybe it´s good having bad weather.... been a lot in the sewingroom...behind the sewingmachine and not to forget the iron and ironingboard...kind of warm there... ;)
When I received Anne-Pia Godske Rasmussens book about two weeks ago...I just felt I had to try out this bag!!
...a perfect bag...for keeping pick-pockets away... its rather narrow at the no large things in this bag! Just the essentials... ;) it was really fun to make!
And now to my giveaway...still counting comments... and this is what I will be giving away...this little pinwheelquilt...added borders today and ...sorry handquilting...time flew away...
...can you belive I took this photo outside tonight at 10 pm !!! No flash... :)
The quilt is not quite finished yet...will add a few things tomorrow...I think...
So I will soon close my giveaway...will stop counting my comments at 100!! Every (!) comment have been added to my tin...
Sooo good luck to you all...and if you do not like 30s fabrics ... Sorry... :)
Please let me know...
BTW!!! Don´t mind adding several comments on the might get minus... ;)


  1. But I like 30's fabric!!! A lot!!!
    The bag is also nice!

  2. Stina
    can you tell me the name of this book??? I love this bag! and the quilt ?? oh my, its lovely!!!


  3. A very nice prize . . . maybe it will come to live with me *s*

  4. Hey Stina! Love the bag! and the pinwheels are darling! It is nice you have been able to spend so much time in your sewing room! Have fun!
    BTW, the bread in the previous post make me want some tea and toast (LOL!) : )

  5. You had done lovely things and I took an eye on the bag in APs book last night and thought to do this but I had my angels around my neck befor I start something new :(


  6. Love that quilt! Very nice :o) I won't even say I hope I win, because I am so blessed already with my dolly :o)

  7. lovely sewing..........someone will be very happy with that little quilt........

  8. I LOVE your quilt. It is so adorable. As you know I love 1930's.
    Love the bag also. What pattern would that be?

  9. What a pretty little cheerful. We are cold here too. It is June and I have the furnace running today...crazy weather. I love your blog.

  10. The quilt is just so darling! You are so kind to give it away!

  11. Cool bag, Stina and the pinwheel quilt is adorable. I love 1930's fabrics - keeping my fingers crossed.

  12. The quilt looks wonderful.
    The bag is interesting -- but how sad that one has to think about whether pickpockets can get access.

  13. precious. i'm a beginning quilter and you are quite an inspiration!

  14. Your bag is awesome. I think I love the shape the best because I live in NYC and need to worry about pick pockets.

    I do love the quilt though and hope you will enter me in your great giveaway.

    Marlene from NY
    queenoftheclick (at)

  15. What a neat bag, love the way it looks to be pieced. Beautiful quilt, now I see what the embroidery was for, very pretty.

  16. Oh what a lovely little quilt! And the bag is AWESOME!
    Becky in South Carolina USA

  17. So that's what you were going to use those stitcheries for LOL Beautiful. So happy colours.
    Your bag is cute. Have to make something from the book soon. And it's going to be rain this weeken and the whole next week so I hope I get some time after work.

  18. I love your bag and I do really hope I win the he quilt It is really nice.

    And good luck with your angel story. I read in MayBritts blog you have a challenge LOL

  19. Love that quilt! I like 30's fabric very much to, promise! Often read your blog to get inspiration and time to dream away.

  20. Yeh a giveaway!! Please enter me in your draw Stina. Many thanks, Jo x

  21. The bag is absolutely wonderful!! And the pinwheel quilt is perfect!

  22. Very cute quilt, love the colours. Your bag is really,really cute! Really enjoy you blog even though I don't usually comment...I'm!!

  23. Hey, Love that purse, would you share the pattern name to me so Ii can see it and try to make one. The little quilts is precious, everyone, anyone would be so happy to be the ower of theat. thanks for making my day brighter everyday. Blessings

  24. Lovely bag :-)

    May Britt has persuaded me to join the Angel Story gang - I am prepping my first block today :-)



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