Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Keeping us warm...

Another day with lousy weather...blowy, cold and rainy...but at least NO SNOW... :) So we all needed to keep us warm today...I took my son to the city for some shopping..he needed sandals and some new pants and I needed more DMC and some red buttons and eyelets...so off we went... and when we came home...Mmmmmmm...lovely smells came from the kitchen...
...my DH had started to bake some bread...so it was quite warm in the house...
...and we ate some newly baked bread with butter and cheese...and a lot of warm tea...Lovely!!
...I headed off to the sewingroom with my purchases...started to bang and make noises in the house that Viktor became really worried...it´s Ok ...I told him...just working!!
BTW...bought some new tins... so I can hide more things... ;) Love the colours on them...
...made some more progress on my work...more stitcheries...can´t seem to stop adding them...
Hope you all have had a good day...I had even if it were cold...


  1. Okay... you need to keep that man! He can make homemade bread??? Good guy, good guy!

    Love the new stitcheries... and I think they are becoming addicting to me!

  2. Yummy - that bread looks delicious. I bet it smells heavenly and tastes even better than that *s* What a clever idea to help keep warm.

  3. Thank you for your visit to my blog, and for the kind word about the garden gate stitchery. I don't remember where I got it, but it is a Meg Hawkey design. It says that on the pattern. I either found it on the internet or a friend emailed me a copy. Not sure. I have had it for quite some time. May I ask what kind of rolling pin your husband is using. It looks like it makes little dimples in the bread. The bread looks yummy!

  4. What a wonderful husband you have, do you rent him out?...lol... Love your stitcheries, what do you have planed for them?

  5. I can't believe how cold it is there! I hope you get some lovely warm weather soon!
    Your stitcheries look, as usual, wonderful. One of these days I've got to try one!

  6. Wow...the bread looks yummy...no better topping.. butter and cheese.

  7. Stina, I really like your stitchen', can't wait to see the finished project. I tried to email you, but I don't know what happened, it was returned to me. I live in Orange, Texas. Close to the border of Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. I'll be checking back with you.
    Have a Blessed Day,

  8. The bread looks yummy and your stitching is very nice...so addictive isn't it!

  9. Hi
    Love your stiching, but when you make them what have you on the back...or do you them plain?

  10. yummy yummy, fresh baked bread are delicious.
    What are you going to do with our new stitcheries now :)

  11. Hej Stina,
    hmmmmm Tünnbröd?!?
    Det er sa bra !!! Kan jeg kommer :o)! Du gjore sa vakker ting!!
    Unnskylde mine darlig norsk.
    Mange hilsner fra Barbara

  12. The bread looks wonderful and I bet it tastes good! The tins are cute... what will you hide in them? Maybe in a few years you will find some forgotten blocks there!! Keep stiching!

  13. I see Louise think you are forgotten or hide some blocks in your new tins? Perhaps you hide the angelblock in there :D Just kidding with you, they were cute and the bread looks very yummy. Lars is very kind who baked bread to you and your family..

  14. The bread looks really yummy. Can almost smell it here. Those tins are gorgeous ... wish we could get Tilda stuff in Australia. Very sweet stitcheries. Is it your own design?

  15. Firstly ... you can get Tilda Tins??? Very Nice! Freshly Baked Bread... That would have been heaven to come home to...



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