Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cyber Stitching Day has from Sweden!

Finally here...
got an email from Karen at Mrs Martins Quiltshop in Australia that shes now over at the church guess it has started!!!
And for you who doesn´t know what this fantastic ...super duper idea came from...
take a look at Mrs Martin´s Quiltshop..
Thanks for organinzing this....

This is my package that arrived well on time....loved every bit of it...just don´t know which one to start...but decided to go for the bookmark and perhaps the magnet... cause you see I am up at 1.31 am now ...I know ...CRAZY!!! ...
...and bet you can´t belive me when you see this picture either... it´s 1.31 am out in the Swedish Midsummer night!!! We have "daylight" all the darkness at my place...the sun is up all the night... ;)
...made myself a nice drink with strawberries and celebrate this event... very nice...
...and started to stitch on my bookmark...but decided to get indoors...(the mosquitos liked me very much).... and made my first post of the Cyber Stitching Day to all the curious ladies out there!!

See you soon...


  1. wow....daylight all "night" - just for cyber was amazing to see you stitching at 1.30am in full light....enjoy!!! I cant wait to get into mine but we have to go out now....drat....will get into it when we get back.....!

  2. What a lovely dinner you had . . . and now you are happily stitching outdoors - in the middle of the night. What fun! For me, the longest daylight only lasts a little beyond 8 pm. Then it's under the lights if I want to sew *s*

  3. Wow -- all night daylight?? That must be really quite incredible. Your bookmark looks like fun!

  4. Hi Stina, I love this idea, since I have a shop with fabric and patterns this would be neat to do. Maybe in the states. I'm a night owl, but it is dark here at 2 pm. We do have mosquitoes, Texas Size. You better get your rest, but if your like me, my mind want shut off when I get something new. You stitchery is cuteeeee.
    Have a Blessed Day,

  5. What a gorgeous looking parcel, how fun, and no darkness. Hmm don't know if I'd be able to sleep with all that daylight.

  6. I miss the daylight all day from the time living up north. Looks like there will be a lovely sunny day on the porch today. So I'll bring my angels, butterfly garden and the new anni downs book on the porch. Glad midsommar til deg.

  7. how and when do you sleep????? did well with the Cyber stitching.......I have also started my bookmark.......

  8. Loved looking at your blog! It must be quite an experience to have sun in June for so many hours!! Pretty stitching. nancy

  9. You are amazing have so much energy... I remember my trip to see the midnight sun.... boy that takes me back.



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