Friday, June 20, 2008

I´m stuffed...and waiting...

Glad Midsommar!!
....Even if the Midsummer Eve almost is over....
...and soon its Midsummer Day...and The Cyber Stitching Day begins at 1am least for me...since I´m about 9 hours behind the Aussies joining in at Mrs Martins Quiltshops Stichingday!!

Have been preparing food for tonights dinner all least it feels like that...

Used my birthday dishes for the table´s setting today...I love them so much... And what did we have have for Midsummer dinner then...
Grilled Salmon...fresh potatoes with dill, chives and a bit of lime ...and cous cous salad...and a lovely white wine....
...and for dessert...
cardamom tarte with lemoncurd fromage...and some lovely swedish strawberries...
....oh boy...I´m stuffed...

So now I´m sitting here waiting for the Stitching Day to start...brewed one teapot with tea...drank that one... still 2 hours left... clock is now 11 pm..

If you want to know more of Midsummer traditions in Sweden....look at this link...and scroll down and read about Sweden and our neighbours!!


  1. Love the flowers on your table and that menu sounds so scrumptous, yummmmm. Now for those of us who don't know can you tell us what the Midsummer eve celebration is?

  2. God midtsommer!
    Oh boy, that food looked yummy! I could dive into the photos!
    And happy stitching! I've received my envelope too, but haven't time to stitch this week-end. Going to a summer-party tomorrow.
    I'll do the stitching with my friends later!

  3. Have a great stitching day...tempted to join your angel challenge but I haven't even started mine ! I love the colours you are using for yours.

  4. Hi Stina, Your lunch looks wonderful. Looks like a wonderful meal to serve. Tell us about your Stitching Day, or is it on your blog. I looked, is it something on TV?
    Have a Blessed Day,

  5. Wonderful meal... the potatoes look the best! Even though I'm not participating in it, I'm so excited to hear about cyberstitching...You gals are going to have tons of fun... take lots of pictures...

  6. Oh I wish I would have joined Cyberstitching!! I debated, but because it was overseas.... I hesitated. I guess the old saying is true, "Those who hesitate have lost." :o( But I am going to enjoy watching your work progress!

    Mmm... I think I need to eat over at your house!!

  7. Are the flowers Lilac's Stina they just look Stunning & that meal Well!!!



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