Thursday, July 3, 2008

Everything for Viktor!!

So did the day come for to start with Viktors "tennisball wall"...
Yesterday we removed my bench with flowers...pheeww...a lot of soil was shoveld away!!!
And my lovely hay drying rack is gone... yepp...everything for Viktor... :)
One things good though...I don´t have to see the parking lot no more in the background... :)
...have you noticed the bare spots in the lawn....service courts...
...handy man working... DH...
...son eagerly waiting for the finishing....
...and finally...FINISHED!!!
And a big happy smile from Viktor is thanks enough!!
Tomorrow I hope I can start up some some WIP´s again... need to start my Cup Cake Swap partner Linda is already on her way...slow down please... :)


  1. You are a good mom! To take away your pretty flowerbed for that .... oh well, the kids are more important than flowers. And if he is happy so will you be!

  2. the practice wall is a great idea...will be watching for him to be playing at Wimbledon sometime in the future!....I have been to Linda's blog and those colours look great....looking forward to the weekend to make a start on mine...!

  3. Viktor looks like one happy kid right now.
    You better get busy on that cupcake stuff. LOL

  4. Oh I remember those days of hitting a ball against a fence... mind you it was a long time ago. I am really jealous I love your bumble bee in the header I remember them from living in England we have really boring bees not cute fluffy ones like you.

  5. Now that is one very nice tennis board...

  6. Excellent! Viktor must be thrilled! and it is wonderful exercise too!

  7. That will keep Viktor busy for the summer holidays. Does that mean Mum can stitch while he practices?



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