Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Surprise Package!!!!

When we got home today...after beeing away to the lumberyard...buying planks for Viktors "tennis board"... (don´t know the word for a fence where you can hit balls against... ;) )... anyway...there was a little package beside the entrance door....
- A Package for me!!! And from Karen!!!! Oh what could she have sent me?????
....What could it be.... Oh I love surprises..... ....look...
....thankyou Karen... oh so sweet of you!!! You made me smile and cry at the same time....
Can you belive this...she sent me one of her wonderful pincushions...It´s so wonderfully stitched...and in wool...I love it... and she also sent me a Needle Minder...I wished I had it yesterday...I lost my needle twice while quilting this was really some wonderful gifts!!! And do you know what...this is my first handmade pincushion!!!! I´m so happy!!! Don´t know if I´m going to stuck some needles in that beutiful sheep...not yet anyway... :)
Thankyou so much Karen... :L
And today I also got a little hello from sunny Australia and Mel!!! Oh my wish I could trade place with him!! Love the card... (thanks Leanne)... :)
What a day!!
Bloggers....You are the best!!

I almost forgot....Bonnie is having a wonderful Giveaway....the only thing have to choose from two wonderful gifts!!!


  1. I hope you don't find those needles with your bare foot. I have done that before. Ouch!
    I am glad that your pincushion and needle keeper made you happy. I like to surprise my friends once in a while.

  2. What a lovely parcel, lucky you. Hmm no sign of cup

  3. What a cute pincushion! Surprises are so much fun.
    Have fun with the new tennis court!!!

  4. That is a very sweet pin cushion and your are more than welcome to swap places with Mel but you had better ask your family first......he doesn't do much around the house just lays around and gets into trouble.

  5. Wow! I love that pincushion.....lucky you!!! and that Mel is a character...has been a bit too cold for sunbathing these past few days! I hope he is wearing his sunscreen!!

  6. What a great pkg you got there from Karen. I love it.

  7. It's fun to get those little surprise packages. Enjoy your new pincushion.

  8. What a nice package you received! The pincushion is very nice!

  9. Oh such a cute cushion!! Lucky girl, Stina :o) Karen is an awesome quilter and we sure love our wool!

  10. Beautiful pincushion Stina! It's been a fun swap!!

  11. Isn't it exciting getting these fun boxes in the mail? Lovely things you got from Karen!
    Enjoy it!

  12. Very cute pincushion. Isn't Mel a character. I love reading about his adventures on Leanne's blog.



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