Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Where did summer go???
I don´t know...must have missed it...we do have Autumn like days now...
It tends to be warm and tender days when the schools start over... but no way...rain and some more cloudy days...
Viktor became sick...first day in school...high fever...so now we are at home and keeping us warm by the fire... and no hand sewing project... ok...that I felt for... :)
...so I started up a little quilt for me... hope to finish it within the next days...
Happy stitching and quilting to you all!!!


  1. Jo du, jag är allt bra duktig jag som har fyra block klara :)))
    Idag har jag dessutom preppat resten av blocken så nu är det bara att syyyy....
    Ditt nya projekt ser lovande ut, vi får väl se ett färdigt resultat inom kort :)

  2. Thats looks nice a warm fire in the own. And I love you way the quilt looks like :))

    Take care of Viktor and your self!

  3. Loving your little quilty! Poor lil Viktor.. Hang in there!

  4. I går ryddet jeg ute i boden og gjorde klart for å ta i mot vinterveden. På en måte gleder jeg meg til å fyre opp i ovnen. God bedring til Viktor.

    Love the flower you have made. Such nice colours. You deserve making something for yourself now!!

  5. Poor Viktor, that's not a good way to start the school year. Hope he's feeling better real soon. My gosh I can't believe that you have your fire going already, it does look very inviting though. We're still having very hot days, I long for Autumn..... Love your little quilt, very sweet colours.

  6. Hope Viktor feels better soon! I envy the cozy fire. I am looking forward to those days.

    I love your little flower! It is so sweet!

  7. Hi Stina, my blessings go to Viktor to get to feeling better. You don't think to much chocolate? I love your quilt you making, I need to take time to sew me something, always trying to sew for the shop...
    We are still in the 90's here, so ready for some fall weather.
    Keep Stitchen'

  8. Love that flower Stina. What pattern is that?? Love your color choices in fabric. Very pretty. I cant wait till we need a fire to stay warm around here. It's sooo warm still. I hate it!! You know I'm hot all the time lately.LOL
    Hope Viktor is well soon.

  9. I hope your little man is feeling better...you new quilt looks so cute...

  10. Hey There Stina... Hope Viktor is back on deck & ready to tackle school & to catch up with his mates soon !!!

  11. hur går det med min mobilficka då mamma ? ;)

  12. Hi Stina- sorry to hear about Viktor- hope he feels better soon! Love your new header...what a beautiful flower! I really can't wait to see the finished applique project you have started either- love your fabrics!

  13. Oh dear . . . I hope Viktor is feeling fine again real soon *s*

  14. Hoppas Viktor snart blir frisk igen! Det är aldrig roligt att vara sjuk. Vilken härlig quilt du ser ut att ha på G. Kram på er i höstkylan.

  15. Which of Cheri's patterns is that flower from? I really like the fabrics you chose for the flower!

  16. Oh that's not fun to be sick, I hope he's better soon.

    Such a cute little flower, can I ask what the pattern and designer name is?

  17. Oh I hope he feels better quickly - not a good way to start the school year. Love the picture of your fire - it looks so warm and cozy and sitting by it stitching sounds heavenly. Your new quilt project sure looks sweet.

    Hugs - Karen

  18. uh ohhhhh I like the look of this flower. did you manage to finish this 'little' project? I woud love to see the finished image... Maybe even a (cough cough) pattern (grin)



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