Saturday, August 23, 2008


Candy day!!!
Finally it was here... guess if he have longed for this moment!!! ;)
Which one to chose...hmmm ..this one...or maybe that one....
...the first one to go was "A Tasmanian Devil"....
Don´t you just love the pictures.... :)
.....and this was a ....Mmmmmm...moment... -Tell her Thankyou mum!!! So thanks again Lorraine!!
...My Mother is on visit... Not so often she can go away for some days...have to be on the farm... but she have got 2 nights away...thanks brother!!! So we started the day with
a little present that I made for her birthday...
....Geranium... or "Pelargon" as we call them on Swedish...this is the flower she loves best and do she have lovely ones at home :) thumb... Yes, she got it!!!
Happy Birthday to you!!
After breakfast we headed for the city...she loves to go shopping...even if she will be all exhausted after some hours...and who don´t???
We ate a lovely lunch ...some more shopping...and then we headed home for a nice cup of tea and some coffee for her...and a nap on the sofa... :)
Wish you all a wonderful weekend!!!

And before I forget... Helena is having a giveaway or two on her blog... so take your time and visit her!!


  1. What a lucky Mother...gorgeous geranium quilt...will you adopt me??? Happy Birthday to her...glad you got ot spend some time with her.

    Mary Jo in Iowa...USA

  2. What a lovely little quilt for your mother! Adorable!

  3. Love the little quilt you made for your Mom. I am so glad that you got to spend some time with her. I am sure that she is enjoying her visit.

  4. Viktor, that candy looks good!
    Wonderful wallhanging! As always, you make such pretty things. It is really cute! I bet your Mom loved it.
    Enjoy your time together!

  5. The geranium is beautiful!

    Oh, and a cup of tea and a nap...sounds wonderful! I'm heading for the sofa...

  6. Dear Stina
    The little quilt is full of love for your dear mother.Take care of the days with her......every day is wirth a diamond.
    Have a nice weekend.


  7. Have a nice time with your the little quilt.

  8. Viktor is such a cutie! Love the geranium quilt! Very cute. I love the pink so much :o)

  9. The Pink Geraniums are wonderful. You did a great job...

  10. Hi Stina, that is the kind of geranium I need, because I can't grow them and I love that plant.
    Have a great day shopping with your Mum.

  11. ...please tell Viktor he is most welcome!

  12. Luv the Pix of Viktor choosing Which One ??? It would be lovely to have your Mum with you for a whole Two Days... Enjoy !



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