Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Colorado Springs...

...Not this view... :(
...this is Sweden...view from my sewingroom... nice isn´t it!!!
The rain just pours down...
...glad I´m inside...
but the mailman had a package for me...from Colorado Springs... :)
...it was my Four Seasons Quilt Swap " Summer" from Joanna... I thought this one was lost too... but it showed up ...
...Joanna used some of my favourite fabrics from 3 sisters in this one... they are pretty ...isn´t they...I love it... and thanks for the boats...might need them if the rain doesn´t stop...
This one is already hung up over my bed....
Thankyou so much Joanna for your lovely quilt!!!

Yesterday Linda had her birthday...and we celebrated that with dinner at a thai restaurant...and as always...Mmmmm...it was good... And after that her friends came over for tea and some nice chocolatcake... No I didn´t bake it...and I didn´t use my new apron...SORRY!!!! Have to be better on this... :)
But I did manage to sew a....
....little bag to Lindas new cellphone...
....a clever pattern from Anne-Pia Godske Rasmussen ... it is in her new book...
...even my youngest daughter wanted one...so I better get out some black fabrics for her... :)

Linda is on her train for her new destination and will arrive tomorrow at noon...
and I miss her!!!! But I know she´s already having a good time...chatting with her passengers and with new goals ahead!! Love you... :L and please....


  1. I like you quilt from Joanna and the colour looks great. Love the cellphone bag that you made for Linda, colour that I like :))

    No raining here to day but its hang around...

    Take care!

  2. Stina, the little quilt you recieved it so nice. I can tell you are proud of it. I love the bag you made for the cell phone. I took a peek at the book you mentioned. Beautiful projects, but I would have an awful time reading it. I don't know the swedish language at all.

  3. Love the cell phone cover :o) Cute little giftie quilt! Sorry about the gloomy rainy days.

  4. Very cute cell phone cover. The book look terrific, what language is it written in?

  5. Hi Stina,
    I don't know what it is about the rain, but I love to sew when it rains and we have had a lot. Tomorrow 70%-gotta sew.
    Is this the first time Linda has left? My son's first year of college, after we dropped him off, 5 hours away, I cried all the home. My eyes were so swollen the next day, it was really bad. But then he would come home with all of his dirty laundry and I say, "When are you leaving?"...you know I love him.
    Hope you get a lot of stitchen' done.

  6. Oh my, I forgot to tell you how pretty Joanna's quilt is and I love the cell phone cover.

  7. I know how you feel...our girls will be fine. Your little boat quilt is very sweet..... shame about the rain.

  8. Some cute things have come your way. The little quilt is adorable and I love that cell phone case. Lucky you. I'm actually hoping for some rainy days - makes me want to stay inside and sew.

    Hugs - Karen



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