Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I´m beeing spoilt!!!! :)

Yesterday was a really busy busy day... rain just kept on pouring down... take a look at the header... I got myself a little creek behind the can think I lived in a rainforrest!!!
And in this weather we was to move Linda and move a sofa to my middledaughter Petra...!!!
Oh ...we wrapped that sofa up in three layers ... and hoped for the best... :) is Linda carring a very heavy suitcase to the car...
...the car packed and the sofa wrapped... and the mailman came!!!!
...mail from the land downunder!!! Oh my what could this be... :)
...look...I got a pattern from Leanne... and this pattern is her first many ...many I hope...
I´m so happy for it...I will be proud to make a bag from this pattern...
Thanks sooo much Leanne... :L
Do you think I will make mine like the one to the right or the one to the left??? ;)
Ok...what was it in the other one... just a little peek.... Oh my...
...I said to Viktor...come and see..think there is some stuf in here that you are going to like!!!
And Wow...can I say he had a happy face...smiling from ear to ear!!! :)
Sorry just he has to wait until Saturday...candy day...but what a day!!
Hope he shares some with me... yes I know he will... but if DH gets some...he has to be quick!!
... I loved the pictures of the Aussie animals on the chocolat bars...
Was there more...;)...oh yes it was... and I must say I think Lorraine must have got all this with the Cup Cake swap completely wrong... maybe she got two swappers... Hey...Sharon...did you do something wrong here???
Take a look ladies ...
...Oh I beeing spoilt or what!!! Some more lovely pink cup cake goodies...
and a little sweet box with a stitchery from Hugs´n Kisses...
...don´t you just love the stitchery on this one...and " be kind to yourself" saying...
Oh my...totally blown away again... do I have to say there was a minor Niagara Fall inside...
I´m so so so touched by all the generosity among quilters...
I feel so blessed to be a part of this...
Thankyou so much Lorraine... :L

And Linda...yes she has arrived to her new city... busy exploring town and her took her almost 20 hours by train...but she had fun...!!!
Good luck Linda!!

Edit... forgot about the sofa...what do you think happend...yepp...wet!!! :)


  1. You won't like the Aussie chocolate, I think you need to bundle it up and send it to me. I'll dispose of it for you......*s*
    I'm guessing you'll do the bag on the left, soft and pretty. Oh "another" cupcake parcel, and what makes you so specail that you get 2? Wonder if Sharon made a boo boo.

  2. what a lovley present. I love the stitchery on the bag. Where can i bay that pattern?
    Lucky you. Annika

  3. Wow lucky girl who was spolied tiwce.. The aussie chocolate look yummi, lucky Viktor for all the candys on saturday..

    Take care!

  4. You are a very lucky person!!! What a cute bag....and the pattern! GRATTIS!!!!

  5. Look at that box of goodies, wow!
    You are a lucky girl!

  6. What a great mail day . . . . lucky girl! Glad to hear that Linda has arrived safely - 20 hours is a long time, but youth can easily overcome it *s*

  7. glad you enjoyed the parcel ....Leanne sent me a copy of her pattern ....I am going to a class where she is teaching it...lucky will save it to do in Sharon didn't make a mistake...I made an extra stitchery thought it would look nice as a bag....had to have something to put Viktor's chocolate in!...I have been keeping stamps for him now i know he collects stamps....! I hope Linda enjoys her studies and new home....the sofa will dry out!

  8. Stina you have one wonderful post man....great treats you enjoy those Aussie chocolates...

  9. Shame about the sofa you just need some sun to dry it out. You can get fat just looking at the parcel from Lorraine......What a lovely bag.

  10. Hey Stina! I reckon there are postmen all over the world right now putting in for early retirement, worn out by delivering all of the swap parcels to everyone! Tee! Hee! Hee! The bag Lorraine sent you is GORGEOUS!!! And what is it about moving day that it always rains?! We're yet to move on a fine sunny day!! Ah well, we need the rain! Enjoy your goodies! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)

  11. Hej Stina! Vilka ljuvliga saker du fått! :o)) Broderiet på väskan är från Cinderberry Stitches - inte Hugs´n´kisses - och visst är det underbart?! Lyckliga du! :o))
    //Anette L

  12. Jodå ...jag vet att broderiet är från Cinderberry Stitches...det var det lilla broderiet i asken som var från Hugs´n Kisses...:o)

  13. Wow, you (and Viktor) are so lucky, getting such wonderful gifts in the mail!

  14. Sorry, läste för slarvigt ;o))

  15. Lovely things have come your way - not only good eats but sweet things as well. Hope your weather is drying up a bit.

    Hugs- karen

  16. What a wonderful parcel to receive especially all the chocolate goodies!



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