Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The rain is poring down today...a boring day ...but it´s something good with that....sewing...
was sewing on my Angels...and hoped to finish them later today...when something distracted me... The doorbell rang...and guess who??
...My mailman ...and he was such a cutie... ;) ...having a parcel for me...
from Linda!!
...hurry hurry open...where is the camera !!!!...
...ohhh...and here they are my three dotty parcels I have been watching at Linda´s place...
...this is the first one... oh the towel for the oven and look at all this pink lovliness...
...and oh my we are talking about tears her...crocodile tears... falling down constantly...oh where was I... Linda...I love it...How did you know I wanted to feel like a chef in the kitchen!!! :) ...At least I can be very pretty!!! ..LOL...
...and the third package...look at his clever label and at the same time uesfull for hanging the quilt.... and yes it´s a wallhanging...
...some closeups... look at the lovely lace...
...and pink bowls, plates cups and teapot .... :)
...ain´t this the most beautiful ...
Oh my.... I can hardly see what I am writing...big tears are falling...but I can assure you... it´s HAPPY Tears... :)
They are so perfect... have no words to say...I´m totally blown away...
You sure made my day...for many days forward...
These gifts are so so so amazing and I am very touched by your generosity...


And when I had a cup of tea to calm myself a little...wipe some tears...I started to hang the quilt...had the perfect spot for it and ofcourse I was wearing my lovely apron... :)
...maybe my hubby wants to wear my apron... nah...he could try!!
Over and out from a happy and touched Stina...


  1. *s* Now don't you look like the perfect chef... so glad you enjoyed the parcels. I had so much fun making them for you. I see you're a better photographer than me. I took 42, yes 42 photo's of that wall hanging and they still didn't come out too I may have to borrow yours. You know we'll be expecting to see great creations coming form your kitchen now..... (((Hugs)))

  2. Don't you just love fun swaps like this? I am sure it brightened a rainy day. You look great in the apron!

  3. Wonderful gifts!!! You are a lucky girl! So pretty! And I like the apron on you! What's on the meny?

  4. Oh Wow Stina... All those teasing peeks from Linda have been well & truly worth the suspense ... Yes ??? Just Gorgeous right down to the Polka Dotted Wrapping Paper... Lucky Lucky Girl !!!

  5. Stina how sweet and how wonderful! You got such nice gifties from Linda... Beautiful work Linda! And I know you appreciate them so much. Love your modeling... my daughter thinks you are so cute :o)

  6. What a lovley suprice you got from Linda :) You look absolut great in the apron and the quilt fits just perfect on the wall..

    Take care!


  7. Stina, beautiful gifts from Linda, you must be so happy. That was one good swap!

  8. look so great in that apron. What a lovely package you got from Linda. I guess you're busy baking cupcakes in your kitchen now.

  9. What a funny sure made me giggle!! And what a lucky, "pretty in pink princess". The wall hanging looks made for that spot. Lucky you!! Cathyxx

  10. Hi Stina, I loved watching yours and Linda's swap, ya made it so much fun with all the teasing. You both did such a great job on the swaps and I'm so glad I joined a few. Can't wait. I'll have to send you some TexMex and Cajun recipes. Have a great day stitchen'

  11. Oh Stina, what a beautiful parcel of goodies, Enjoy!! Love the photo of you in your apron...

  12. What a wonderful package you've received from Linda. Everything looks so 'sweet'. :-)

  13. lovely gifts Stina....glad they arrived safely! do look the part in that beautiful apron!

  14. Hi Stina! What great gifts! The apron looks great on you!

  15. beautiful are these gifts....and you look so cute in your apron....Linda has done a fantastic job....

  16. Well don't you just look like a kitchen goddess in your new apron!!
    I love Linda's creations and yours are just gorgeous too. It's been fun watching this swap from the sidelines!!

  17. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Stina all that pretty.
    you deserve what you always helping us. THANKS enjoy friends!

  18. What lovely pink look just the part in your apron.

  19. You are now ready for a tea and cupcake party. Your new things are so sweet.

  20. Lucky you! The cupcakes look so yummy. And the apron...lovely!

  21. Your package finally showed up! And it looks like it was worth the wait. How cute everything is. I was not in on the cupcake swap but have surely enjoyed seeing what people came up with for the trades.
    Your mailman must feel unwanted (or maybe happy) on a day that you don't get a package. You sure have been getting a lot lately!

  22. linda is amazing and you look fabulous! what a lucky swap partner you are! enjoy!!!

  23. What a great post. And aren't you the lucky one. Beautiful things are such a pleasure. You are just a cute as a bug in your apron. I would love to see a picture of your husband in that pretty pink apron. LOB..........



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