Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nice People... Nice Things...

There are some people who just are so nice and generous that I don´t have word for it!!!
You who read my blog knows about a missing package that has taken it´s own trip around the world... started in USA ...was supposed to take the straight road to SWEDEN ...but decided to take a detour to Israel...and from then... who knows...maybe China and watch the Olympics... !!
I´m talking about my package from Pat... and this sweet so sorry about this package not arriving at my place...
During the weekend a gift certificat landed in my inbox :)
What can I say...
There are Nice Peolpe who do Nice Things...
Hope you have noticed on my sidebar that I have joined a group of quilters who is going to do this quilt "Nice People, Nice Things " from Hugs´n Kisses
...and for this project I was to use fabrics from my stash... but I´m going to use fabrics bought from this certificate...How can I not!!! Couldn´t it be more perfect...
I want to thank you Pat...for doing this for me... :L
and for the package... I´m certain it will arrive first day next week!!! :)

This quilt is going to mean a lot to me...and I feel so happy to start with that in mind!!


  1. Hi Stina
    How nice of Pat to do that for you. I still hope you get the package she sent you. I have looked at the nice people, nice things quilt with such longing. I would love to do it, but just can't justify the expense. Maybe someday! I know you will love it, and I am keeping up with all of you who are posting on the new blog about your progress. Ta for now...

  2. I am also sure the package will turn up Stina...but how sweet of Pat to send a certificate...the kindness of people it sometimes blows you away....

  3. I hope your lost package will arrive soon, and I think you will make good use of the gift certifikate. I've also got the NPNT pattern and plan to stitch it sometimes.

  4. Well aren't you the spoilt girl? Pat is such a sweet and generous woman, a real angel. There's a little parcel heading your way today, sorry I was a week late.

  5. What a kind thought. I posted a parcel to May Brit ages ago and after 3 weeks it hadn't turned up so I sent her another one and they were both delivered on the same day.

  6. That is sooo sweet of Pat! Quilters are the most generous people. Your quilt will be very special and you will think of her every time you work on it.
    Nice things happen to nice people!

  7. What a nice girl Pat is! And the "Nice"-quilt is a realy nice one, I love it!

  8. How nice of Pat!! Im sure the package will find its way to you... NPNT sure will be lots of fun...I joined today as well! Cathyxx

  9. It's so true that people can be very generous . . . I think quilters are particularly generous at heart. It's good to be friends with a quilter *s*

  10. How much more *Special* will Pat's lovely gesture bring to your version of " Nice People Nice Things" - Warms The Heart...



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