Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I´m on the hunt...

I´m on the hunt for a special fabric... I bought this fabric 2 years ago at a shop "Tyger och Ting" when I was in Lund at our annual quiltmeeting... I know that there were other shops who also had this fabric... Ok I don´t need just this fabric..but something like this one...
So if anyone knows where to find this kind of fabric....please let me know...mail me at:
So Swedish ladies ...don´t just lurk around ...give me some news here... :)
...well I hope someone knows just something...not just the Swedish ones... :)


  1. I have never seen fabric like this, but it is beautiful. Good luck with your search for more like it. Great looking finishes for Pegs challenge! What quilt is the one in the upper right of your picture? I love the look of it.

  2. Grattis till vinst hos Abyquilt.Så många besök hon haft och jag är verkligen glad över att just du blev den lyckliga.Grattis också till 5 klara i Peg's.Trevlig resa du gjort.Verkligen skönt att träffas och ha lite semester och lite andra förlustelser.

    Jag håller själv på med en doll quilt.Tygerna är tvättade, "klippta" och....nu behövs lite vila innan jag syr ihop.Jag har gjort en miniquilt som ännu ej är framme så jag visar den inte ännu.Har roat mig med att byra på en yahoo-grupp.Mycket trevligt men visst är det ett lotteri.Själv har jag prövat olika idéer jag har haft .Alltid bra att börja i litet format.6"-12".Dockkvilten skall vara minst 12".
    Detta har varit sommarens äventyr.Annars familjesommar.
    Ha det så bra.

  3. Beautiful! Have no idea where to find anything like it, but it is very pretty :o) Good luck on your search!

  4. Congratulations on winning at MayBritts blog!
    Sorry, have no clue about the fabric.

  5. If I could help it would be in the post...I haven't seen anything like it but will look when I go down to Hetties.

  6. That's beautiful fabric - hope someone can help you out.

    Hugs - Karen

  7. Sorry I've never seen that fabric, it's stunning. Good luck with the search.

  8. Hej!

    Don't know where you can get the fabric...I'm not allowed to buy anymore fabric until I use some of my stash!

    Tonight I've been searching around on the web for quilting friends in Sweden and I've landed into a whole bunch of people! I really love your blog and your projects!

    How can I get into a SWAP? I've never participated in one and it seems like fun. Can you tell me more?


    I've just started my blog so it's mostly about my vacation just now.

  9. Hej Stina!

    Qvilltex i Målilla har haft ett tyg som liknar det på bilden. Kolla där får du se!
    Ha det bra :o)

  10. Your cupcake exchange are absolutely adorable!!! Great job and I'm envious! Sure wished I would have jumped in and exchanged but timing wasn't perfect. Have a great day!

  11. Did you find any of the fabric? I have never seen anything like it. Hope you find some. What are you going to use it for?

  12. So sorry to say that I cant help you, but how much do you need? I know you buy more than I do or? I promise to keep my open for this one and I look for it in all the shops when I was away now..

    Take care!



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