Saturday, August 9, 2008

No sewing at all...

...Ok...hardly nothing at all... I managed another finish from my class with Leanne Beasley last year... finally...think I stitched it within 3 days....and took several months to finish... yikkees... ...this never happends to you...or ... ;)
Hope I´m not the only one!!!
...otherwise...NO SEWING!!!...
...just a lot of sighing and...not really in mood for any creative...
But I long for it!!!

Had one of my brighter moments the other day... You all know my daughter Linda moved home for a month...and with her a lot of old furniture...some was going to be dumped...but I got an idea!! Had one desk upstairs...not practical at all...just laying things on it...
And Linda had a bookshelf in two parts...I took the part under and sawed off the legs and put the two pieces together ... and... TADA!!!
A new workspace for me... :)
...I love it... think it will work just fine... the best of all...more storage!!
Don´t you just love my holder for cutters and scissors!!! :)
...I´m pretty impressed of myself...
..and DH thought I was out of my mind...he won´t just never fix sawing those legs even...HAH...I did!!

And so my Cup Cakes have travelled the ocean to Linda in USA...
I must say this Swap have been so fun... I want to thank Sharon who came up with the idea and organized it...
I have found a fantastic new friend "over there" have been so fun making these cup cakes and teasing Linda with tiny tiny pictures ...I will miss that... ;)

And thankyou all who left comments on Lindas blog...guess what...
more tears from me... but happy tears... :L
...I´m still waiting for my cupcakes from Linda to arrive...she sent them a day earlier than me... but no sign for them yet...hope for next week...

...And talking about waiting...check this out...
I really hope for this to arrive soon...
It´s incredible... Israel... :#
So POSTMAN....deliver me some goodies next week!!!
Waiting for my Four Seasons Quilt to turn up too...


  1. Love your stitchery. You've done a beautiful job.

  2. Love your stitchery - very sweet. Your sewing area looks so neat and organized - great job. Your creations for the cupcake swap are amazing. Your partner will be thrilled - I know I would. Your such a creative stitcher.

    Hugs - Karen

  3. Well aren't you the clever one? Your sewing area looks lovely especially with all those lovely wall hangings. Your Leanne Beasley stitchery is beautiful. What, not in the mood to stitch?? Are you sick? I know how that goes, it will come.

  4. Sometimes we get great ideas for new workspaces :) I think I'll do some changes now when my DD moves next week.

    And Linda is so lucky being your swap partner. What great cupcakes you baked for her!!!

    Hope your lost package arrives very soon. And your prize from me is on its way to you.

  5. Your new work space turned out great! I get so jealous of your big room.... but I'm happy for you. The framing of the stitchery came out very nice.
    Your package will arrive...sometimes it takes a looong time...just don't give up hope!
    Now you have to start using your new table!!! Can't wait to see what you are going to do...get working girl!

  6. Bara kollar det går att lägga in kommentarer...

  7. Your finish up is great Stina Your new working place is absolutly gorgeous with all your wall hangings....Tomorrow is an other day enjoy your tidy work space soon will be over LOL

  8. Oh my comment didn't turn in....I try again.I love your new working space enjoy it clean and tidy when you can. Tomorrow is an other day ... and kaboooom you will not see your tabel! :-) because you are working again......

  9. Stina your stitchery is adorable! It turned out so nice :o) Love the new work space... I want to move on in and start sewing with you!

  10. Love the stitchery and your new sewing area. Did you design the cupcake hanging, it's lovely .

  11. great new space! well done....and the cupcake gifts are all the dolly!!!well done...hope you get back to stitching soon!

  12. Wonderful new space! I love the cupcakes...the fabrics are really nice, all Tilda are incredible! Congratulations

  13. Stina just love your wall hanging...and as for the treats you sent to work area looks fantastic...very creative.

  14. Hi Stina, congrats for your lovely work..I´ve visited you by chance and will add your blogg to my favourites.
    I love Tilda designs.
    Hugs from Spain.

  15. Your blog is lovely.I so have enjoyed visiting. HAd to post a comment.

  16. You go girls sewing - woodwork... what next...I love your stitchery in pink.

  17. Stina, Your work is lovely! I would like to make the wall hanging, where can I buy the pattern?

  18. stina,
    i love all of your projects that you did!!
    i especially love that cupcake wallhanging. which book was it from? i would love to make a similar one. thanks so much!!

  19. Love Leanne's stitchery in pink. It looks lovely made into a little quilt. Your cupcake swap items are fantastic. I especially like the wallhanging ... looks very Tildaish.



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