Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Out with the pink...

...and in with the prim and the darker colours...

I just love how you can change the whole house with just changing some quilts and some things...and in no time... :)
This is what I have been doing today... have capitulated...AUTUMN is here...colder weather...the COLDS...( better today...no fever...:) ...and in my search for a warmer climate..I needed to let the darker colours come in!!
So bye bye pink quilts...see you at spring... :)
...a little miniature basket quilt ...
...Mr. Scarecrow and the pumpkins...
...a Cheri Saffiote Payne quilt...
...and in my corner of the livingroom...
...my version of Stars... this one Louise, Eugenie from Norway and I swapped blocks on ...
...and this quilt...totally forgotten in between seasons... almost finished...and it´s a shame it´s not beeing finished...have a border to add and the quilting.
Louise and I swapped blocks on this one when I moved from Östersund...we made two and kept one for ourselves... And this quilt my ladies...have a workname... Louise DH is not so fond of plaids and stripes.... so when she had this one on their bedroom wall he thought it was the ugliest quilt of all...and he named it :
"The Quilt for the Blind People"
Oh...we do laugh a lot when we think of this...cause both Louise and I love it...
Btw...Louise is not finished with hers either... ;)
...I would love to have it machinequilted...so one day it might be ready for that...
Hope you are having a happy time out there...


  1. I guess I have to start getting my "blind people" quilt done! Thanks for reminding me....not! I know someone who would be very pleased if I got it done and put it in the livingroom!!! Or maybe not....
    I love your fall house, and the scare crow is just too cute!

  2. Stina, You are right, you really changed the look and feel of your home with darker fall colors. All the quilts are gorgeous and they are not ugly.

  3. I just can't picture your life without "Pink"..... love the scarecrow and the crow at his side. Glad you are feeling better....

  4. Love your house! It looks so nice for the season :o) Lol, The Quilt for Blind People! Funny guy :o)

  5. What a beautiful fall house you have! All your beautiful quilts! Thank you for the tour!

  6. Oh your house looks all warm and cosy now!!! Love all of your pumpkins and autumn things!! CAthyx

  7. Love your Autumn decorating Stina, its nice to have a change for the seasons isnt it!

  8. I love your beautiful quilts and the way you display them in your home is fabulos! Hope you had a great stitching weekend at Marica's!

  9. Lovely fall quilts. My favourites are the little basket quilt and the star quilt. I don't think the 'Blind People' quilt is ugly at all.

  10. Your coming to Spain in the autumn for not catch colds. time here very warm and good company ... jejeje. take your beautiful home. quilt of stars perfecto. Always hard-working

  11. Stina...your displays are just so lovely...beautiful work...

  12. Oh my, such lovely, lovely quilts. Very inspiring;)

  13. Härliga höstquiltar! Det ser så mysigt ut med stjärnor och pumpor och "skrämman" är underbar!!

  14. Your fall quilts are fabulous! Gave me some more to dos on the ever growing list of quilts I want to make.

  15. Love all your fall decorations. Love the quilts.

  16. so you have given in to autumn!! cant believe you haven't got some pink somewhere! I am enjoying looking at everyone's autumn decorations! I am in the mood for changing things in my house...so think I will get rid of the dust! LOL...that sounds like a change!

  17. Oh, Stina, your house decore is SO prim & Autumn! Very lovely quilts, I love them!
    I see your star lights, I always love those lights. It looks very nice with your primitive star quilt. *S*

  18. No pink, you must be sick..... I adore your star quilt, just gorgeous and love those plaids. So glad you're starting to feel better. (((Hugs)))

  19. Stina, thank you for showing your Fall decoration..It's so cute however, I will have to wait for a while until cold weather comes to the South of Spain to change mine LOL :)

  20. Stina,
    I've given you the I LOVE YOUR BLOG award! Come to my blog to retrieve it!


  21. I love your quilts you have displayed..especially the stars quilt. What fun to have swapped blocks and to be able to remember those people every time you see the quilt! =)

  22. Your post has inspired me to get decorating . . . Hubby pulled my boxes down from the rafters so I can get busy.
    Your fall quilts are just wonderful. I wish I was close enough to stop by for an afternoon of chatting and stitching *s*



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