Saturday, September 20, 2008

PIF from Colleen... :)

Friday´s mail!!!
Oh my... some mailings goes really fast..this one just took 4 days from USA to come... a very thick envelope from Colleen....
It was my PIF gift from her... :)
(have to confess here...this PIF I haven´t even announced on my blog do you think I´m in big touble here... hope not...thought I was going to be finished with the three I have and after that I was going to set it out...
So keep an eye out for this one later... :)
I got my PIF...
...sooo...exciting.... a lot of stuf in here...
...a woolkit.... happy me... :)
...look at the lovely lovely wool ...and the colours...I´m in love...
...and a lovely romantic black fabric that I just love...and a perfect beige...
...and magazines...Quilt Sampler ...I love that one...just to look at the shops... can you imagine a swedish girl sitting and sighing over the huge shops over there... yeppp..that´s me!!!
...and finally... My fantastic homemade gift from absolutely fantastic candle mat...I immediately had to use it... I love it...
Thankyou so much ... :L

Otherwise my days is non sewing days...haven´t quite been well enough to be on all four to sandwich my Angels... have had headache for 4 days now and ...shhhhheeechhh... it´s not fun at all...
But I hope the next post is about some Angels...cause its getting closer here... ;)
So good luck on all your Angels ...


  1. Hope your headache clears up!! The candle mat is wonderful -- love the colours in it! And I can totally relate to you sitting and sighing over the quilt stores in Quilt Sampler! I do the same thing as most of the quilt stores around here don't even come close to those in that magazine!

  2. You are welcome :o) I put a few extra goodies in there for you because you have been so generous with me :o) (Ahem, Simplicity says "hello")

    Glad you liked everything!

  3. What a fantastic PIF!! Colleen is great isn't she?! What a beautiful gift. I just love it and the colors are so you! Enjoy!

  4. What a great PIF gift. The littel candle mat is so cute.

    I have to start on my angels when I come back from this quilt weekend in oslo. Joining a workshop with Solveig Refslund and it is so fun, but SO different of what i am usually making

  5. I love the candle mat. Very sweet!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. What a wonderful package to get in the mail! Beautiful stuff! So glad for you!

  7. I think bloggers are keeping the post offices around the world busy!! lovely goodies Stina...hope your headache is gone by now.....I am on the last day of my holidays - back to work this has been nice to be home ...and I still have today to spend in my sewing room....!

  8. Lucky girl!!! I can imagine you sighing over your magazines...what a great think to do!! Cathyx

  9. What a lovely parcel of goodies. The candle mat is gorgeous. I love to drool over Quilt Sampler too. Hope you feel better soon. Looking forward to seeing your angels again soon. (I bought the book yesterday and had a look at Jo's lovely blocks ... beautiful)

  10. Stina, so sorry to hear you have not been well....your PIF from Colleen, just so beautiful, you are so lucky....please take care.

  11. What a lovely gifts you got from Colleen :) I can understand that you love them :))

    Take care!


  12. You are a lucky girl! The candle mat is so pretty!
    Hope you feel better soon.

  13. What a nice package you received there Stina! pretty table mat Colleen made. AND a wool kit. You scored big time! Sorry your not feeling well.

  14. You lucky girl. What a fabulous PIF. Hope your headache is gone and you are able to work on your angels. Have a great day! Em

  15. What a gift, lucky you! I really love that candlemat.

  16. What a nice parcel you got from Colleen! And the tabletopper is adorable!
    Hope your head will give you a break soon!
    Take care!



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