Sunday, October 19, 2008


Cold days is coming nearer and nearer...
the frost have taken its grip in my part of the world...
Still trying to capture the beauty in natures magical world...
and waiting for the snow to come... will soon be here...

Ok...nothing much have happened on the sewingfront... might be frost there too...
My fingers aren´t well yet... so I am blaming on them...
I´m longing to start to quilt ...just because I can´t... ;) and some stitchery as well...
...maybe tomorrow... :)

Don´t you just love them tough bags...
they always have something special in them...
...this one contained ...
a label for my PIF gift from Christine ... I so much wanted one to put behind the tablerunner..and she was very kind to make one for me...
and she also sent a magazine and a postcard from Tasmania...
Thankyou so much Christine... :L
Wish you all a very nice Sunday ...


  1. I love your pictures! You have really captured the frost. It is getting colder here too... Brrrrr is right! I hope that your fingers are feeling better soon. I know what it is like to want to sew and not be able to because of body ailments. Don't you just Christine?

  2. Beautiful pictures! I am looking forward to the winter... but only until about February. Then it can go away :o)

    Looks like you are in for some fun magazine reading! Hope your fingers feel better.

  3. What a lovely gift to receive.
    I'm not a fan of the frost. You feel you cant move. Your picture have captured a beautiful frosty morning. They are gorgeous. I hope your finger get better soon so we can see some more of you beautiful work.
    Where I live the temperature is get up to about 36c so that is starting to get to hot. Have a great week

  4. Lovely pics have captured the frost really was hot here on the weekend....I prefer the frost to the heat...!

  5. Hi Stina, I tried to leave a comment earlier, but it would kick me out. Strange things happening. Love the pictures of the frost on everthing. I don't think I could live where there is so much snow, here in Southeast Texas we hardly ever see it and when we had an ice storm the whole place shut down for a week. Hope your fingers are mending.

  6. gorgeous pictures! i love the's still pretty warm here, but the leaves are starting to change...frost will be here soon.

  7. What a pretty picture collage - I really need to learn how to do those. Hope your fingers are getting better fast and in the mean time you've got some great reading.

    Hugs - Karen

  8. I love your frosty photos... I don't think it'll be long until it looks like that here as well...

  9. Such wonderful photos...are you the photographer? Boy it looks cold!!! Cathy

  10. hello!
    arrived on your blog by the way of Laura's Country Painting e Fantasia (Italy).

    I'm relly impressed about your amazing stitched gift, sent to her for your PIF.

    And now I'm taking a (very pleasure) look into your blog: you have two "fairy hands"


    PS Last summer I've travel across Svedish and it's a lovely, clean, green land!

  11. Winter is really around the corner where you live! The pictures are great! You got such lovely gifts! I hope you can soon stitch and quilt, I admire your work!

  12. Lovely frosty pictures, and what a delightful package. Enjoy the eyecandy while you fingers heal. Hope they do so quickly.

  13. Love your frosty pics . . . since we don't get to enjoy such weather here, I will get to enjoy it at your house *s*

  14. Hi,
    I'm Fiorella from Italy... I find your blog trough laura's blog and I'm very happy to watch :-)
    Have a nice day

  15. Those pictures are SO good - I can really feel the cold - well being chilly here today does not help!

  16. You really captured the cold, frosty weather! Nothing of that at my place... only lots of rain and windy weather!
    Hope your fingers will be better soon so you can do some sewing again, meanwhile, enjoy your mag!

  17. Hej Stina! vilken fantastisk och inspirerare blog o´m quilt du har.
    Jag kommer att lägga dig i min blog, trots att jag skriver bara på spanska. Men du gör så fina saker.... !!!! är det OK för dig

  18. Hey There Stina... Just catching up with your Blog & adoring your Freezingly Gorgeous Pix... Lovely Days of Summer here @ the moment VBG... Take Care.

  19. YOur photographs are gorgeous! mm icy berries! It's getting warm over here in Australia and cool/cold things are very enticing!
    I have posted a snippet on my blog about my angels too...
    Bec xxx

  20. Glad your label arrived safely. Love your winter pictures.



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