Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two out of Three...

...PIF gifts is in their new homes...
The third one is waiting for some handquilting and ..I´m so sorry Jo... sorry that its beeing delayed... but I´m working on your PIF a little day by day... so eventually it will be on its way to Tasmania!! :)

The first one I sent to Italy...
I made a wallhanging from Anni Downs book "Simple Pleasures" and also a little bookmark... I loved to make the stitcheries and the patchwork... so fun to make!! I enjoyed it a lot!!
Have to make one for myself too...
Ok..Italy.. and the reciver is Laura...
...so glad she liked my little gift for her...

The second one ...travelled to USA...
And her I had to trick a little...cause if I said that this was a PIF gift ( and not a wallhanging for me) she would have known it was for her... ;)
Sorry!!! :)
...The Pumkins ...Crows Quilt did land at Colleens doorstep the other day ...
And I´m so glad she was surprised ...and happy!! :)

No sewing for me today... but I cleaned up some mess in the sewingroom... :)
so hopefully there will be a little sewing one day...
think I will test a little tonight...have a cellphone case to make for my middle daughter...
its just a little thing ..and not so much cutting involved...so I´ll cross my fingers for it to work just fine...

Been at the doctor today ...and I will stay at home for another week...
She had a long talk about my overmobile joints...and it might be this that is causing my problems with the fingers... So no hard work...not lift anything heavy...and no repetitive work...and that doesn´t sound toooo bad .... :)
I hope...


  1. Pretty PIFs....there are some lucky ladies out there in blogland!
    Take care of those joints, rest,rest and rest!
    Have a good week, (we will!!!) talk to you soon.
    Hasta luego!

  2. I love the Anni Downs wallhanging and the fall quilt! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Stina, your pif gifts are gorgeous, those girls are so lucky, love the secret sewing idea with the Autumn quilt very funny... You must take care of yourself and REST, your health and wellbeing are sooo important, maybe you could use this time to plan your next project LOL.... :)

  4. Love both the PIF's! You know I adore mine :o) Glad the report from your doctor is positive! Take good care...don't overdo it... maybe you need to work at a quilt shop teaching! That wouldn't hurt the hand too much, right?

  5. There are going to be some very happy ladies as you posts find there homes. I love that little book mark you made.

  6. OMG Stina, what great PIF gifts you sent. I can't believe you could let the fall one go. That's a true quilter, always giving. Hope your fingers get well soon, I just went today to the Dr. and she put me on high blood pressure pills. I really feel better already. Gotta get busy, I'm going to post some items I've made for the tree.
    Keep stitchen'

  7. Stina both of your PIF's are beautiful....lucky girls

  8. I love your PIF gift .The book mark is so cute .

  9. I'm waiting very patiently so no rush, I'm working on that little something for our xmas swap too! No pictures yet, it'll be a surprise!!

  10. Beautiful PIFs. Love the Anni Downs wallhanging ... was looking at the book last night. Hope you are looking after yourself.

  11. Beautiful PIFs. Love the Anni Downs wallhanging ... was looking at the book last night. Hope you are looking after yourself.

  12. I love your little stitchery hanging. I have that pattern and hope to work on it sometime...thanks for the inspiration!

  13. I see that Colleen really liked your fall quilt. I just knew she would.
    Hope your fingers are feeling better.



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