Saturday, October 25, 2008


Just a short note...

Having a sewing eldorado this weekend with my friends...
Marica, Cici and Lotta...
Kristina we do miss you!! Maybe next time!!

Some pictures from today´s sewing...
Cici is having her table full of things and I don´t know how she really mange to sew at all ... :)
Lotta almost finished a bag...
And Marica and I have a finish... :)
Amazing... you can see mine at one of the pictures... a bit of it anyway...promise some more photos tomorrow... maybe better ones too...
...these pictures is just for some curious ones...and you know who you are... :)
See you tomorrow...
And I promise I´m taking it very slowly... I think... ;)


  1. Retreat weekends are wonderful, lots of sewing/stitching, chatting and eating. Looking forward to seeing what you and your friends accomplished....

  2. I love a good crafty get together - they are so much fun! Kathryn. XX

  3. What fun you must all be having, lucky you. I managed to get out of the house today to do a little shopping, and some fabric shopping. Now I feel like I've run a marathon and am ready for bed. I'll be so happy when I feel my old self again. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Looks like everyone is having a lot of fun and getting lots done. Can't wait to see your finished projects;)

  5. THis is great. I see a lot of wonderful projects going on there. I am going to my reatreat next weekend :)

  6. That all looks busy, busy, busy.

  7. So wonderful sewing meeting you have had.Many lovely projects, chats and smiles.

    Enjoy the new week

  8. Hello Stina, thanks for the pics of your retreat, aren't they the best.Spending time with friends and stitching, stitching. Regards Lyn



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