Monday, November 10, 2008


Some time ago I had the great luck to win a 100th post giveaway from a wonderful person...
she writes the most wonderful posts...always with a big smile... :)
A week ago I got the email I have been waiting for...
...Stina...start stalking your mailman!!!....
Never belived the mail would come so quick... almost forgot to stalk my mailman...and today my lovely mailman...think I even said he was beautiful ( oh not to him... ;) ) when I emailed that I had received my package... :)
...and this is what I first saw...
...does anyone recognize the bear... can you guess who the package is from... the yarn she wrapped the package with...this must be perfect for a little Annie Doll later...
Have anyone guessed... ???

Ok ..ok... it is from Kris at Tag Along Teddies... ;)
so I wrapped up the package... exciting isn´t it...
the first I saw was this lovely cup cake...look at the tiny stitches...can´t barely see them...beautiful workmanship... :)
...oh my goodness a lovely cup cake bag... and a card with one of her lovely bears...
...but there was more...
the bag must have been huge on the inside...don´t know how everything got in there...

...lovely pencils... ;) and some lovely fabrics... lovely colours and with beautiful flowers on... just perfect...
and there was even more!!!! :)
...a pattern plus kit for a wonderful little Christmas stocking ... that she made herself...
(Oh my goodness we have some talented ladies out here in the world!!)
And everything I need on the go to make this little stocking...and
with some Fancy pins...oh they will be perfect...cause I seem to have lost all my pins... dont know where they have gone...

THANKYOU so much Kris... :L
...for this I am very happy and touched by your generosity ...

A happy day for me... :)


  1. What a wonderful package! I love the stitchery on the cupcake bag!

  2. Hej Stina. Fin blogg du har! Ljuvliga färger på det du syr.

  3. Wow, aren't you a very lucky person! Congratulations!

  4. I'm sure that brightened your day. Such a lovely parcel full of pretty goodies.

  5. You lucky girl! Lovely goodies from Kris :-)

  6. What a great treasure envelope. You're lucky. I now know that Kris is my secret Stitching Angel and my package is on it's way to me.

  7. Nice goodies in the mail! Love the cupcake...

  8. That is an adorable bag, Stina. It is fun to see what others get in their mailboxes. Yours was filled up to the top.

  9. What a lucky girl...What great gifts!! Cathyx

  10. Hey Stina! You're welcome! Glad you like your Stitchers' Surprise pack! One of the best parts of blogging is the friends I've made and 'chat' to via our blogs and your blog was one of the first few I saved to my favourites list, so I'm pleased you'll have lots of fun with your prize! Thanks again for celebrating 100 posts with me and may we both enjoy hundreds more! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  11. WOW...lots of goodies for you. I know you'll have fun creating with them;)

  12. Lucky you! I love that cup cake....

  13. I think Kris is a magician! How could she fit all those surprises in that one bag!
    Lucky you....enjoy!

  14. Oh boy, you are spoiled. What a wonderful gift.

  15. I can imagine it gave you a big smile on your face! Lucky you!

  16. Yes! You are a lucky girl - such fun!
    Hugs - Lurline!

  17. grat and beautiful gifts !!!
    so nice !!!

    see you

  18. What a wonderful gift! Lots of goodies to enjoy.

  19. What a great package! Lucky you!!

  20. You gotta love your mail :)

    Hugs - Karen

  21. Stina, you get so many packages in the mail! Always some goodies arriving at your door. Your mailman must think you are very popular and I would have to agree with that!



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