Sunday, November 9, 2008

Think I have sewed... :)

At least I must have ...or sombody else has...
So SORRY Hanne... I lied to you... I said my sewing room looked alright...
That is what I thought myself...
And this is how it looked when I got upstairs and took a look!!!!
How could that have happened... ;)
Any clues....???
...ok..I have to admit...have been sewing a little ... and this mess is built up since my weekend all alone (one month ago) with PIF projects... so I guess there is a lot going on...and nothing much have been done!! :)
And HAppY news for you Jo in Tas...your Pif is washed...
...and on its way to you... FINALLY... and Jo when you recive this one...could you please mail me a photo of it...cause I was sooo excited to get in the mail...that I forgot to take a picture of it... :$

And this little for my daughter Petra... this one was ready the 22nd of October... and think I haven´t posted it...
...having trouble with my´s getting worse for every year!! :)

Today I have finished a little pincushion... KITTY...
and I think she became really cute...

...Here she is with my tins from Tilda...
So you see..I am sewing again...even if it´s in turtle speed...
Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend..

I have had a relaxing and joyful time with my family...
Today we celebrate Fathers Day in Sweden ...
So Dad...hope for you a good day with a lot of CAKE!!!

And Viktor is taking his dad out on a cafe... Right now he is trying to beat his dad at the tenniscourt ...good luck son!!! :)

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  1. Hey Stina! Well, for someone who is supposed to be sewing at turtle speed, you seem to be getting more done than me!! I'll have to wait for Jo in Tas to get her PIF and take a photo so I can see what surprise you've sent her!! And it must have been the weekend for mobile phone pouches, cos I started one too! Hope you have another productive turtle week! Tee! Hee! Hee! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  2. That looks like a "creative" mess to me. Very cute kitty. Didn't have any luck with the magazine, oh well.

  3. Oh, everything looks wonderful! And your sewing area looks like the sewing area of a very creative person! Congratulations on being able to sew again!

  4. Yes, you have it really messy in your sewing room...!!! :)
    What a cute kitty! I'm glad you get to do some sewing...just take it easy!

  5. I think this is the way a sewingroom is going to be....then it shows you are creative .....

  6. Oh so good to see you sewing again . . . even if it's turtle's speed *s* Your kitty is just a darling. Do I see little icicles in your banner? What a beautiful picture.

  7. That kitty is really cute! Nice! And you are definitely making progress :o) Happy Father's Day to the men in your life, and I am glad you had such a nice weekend! Are you getting into the Christmas mood yet?? I am..... tee hee.... secrets and more secrets to be kept from a few of my bloggy buddies!

  8. I think the sewing gremlins have been busy in your sewing room!!! I love your Kitty pin could you stick pins in his back though?? Have a good day! Cathyx

  9. I have taken control over my sewingroom today, and that was on time. It was a total mess LOL LOL YOur pincusion kitten is soooo cute, but do you manage to put pins in her??? Ouuuuuch.

  10. OOOhh, love the teaser, I'll be stalking the postbox until it arrives! I'll send you a photo as soon as it arrives :-)
    So glad you've gotten some sewing done and your kitty is adorable. Love the phone pouch, gorgeous colours!!
    Messy room, means a creative genius is at work!

  11. Stina...
    If you know where everything is, its not mess.. is creative choas.. I do chaos sooo well!!!
    you have been so darn busy!!!


  12. when you get busy your really get busy! what fun things are happening in your sewing room
    your little cell phone case is lovely

  13. Though you think that looks like a mess I can see lots of nice things ready to be created. Much inspiration there. What you have been making looks wonderful. I love the phone case, did you design it yourself? Pussy looks cute too. D. :=)

  14. A messy sewing room is a busy sewing room. You should see mine right now. OMG what a disaster. I've got stuff all over.
    Love those Tilda tins.

  15. I also think it look like a most creative all your projects Stina...

  16. I'm glad that your sewing - even at turtle speed is better than now sewing. That little cell phone case is so cute and so is your kitty. Happy Fathers Day to your special guys. Hope their day was grand.

    Hugs - Karen

  17. I LOVE the kitty pincushion. It is so cute!

  18. Stina, you're so funny :o)
    Looks like the fairies have been creating in your sewing room too :p
    I sent you an email!! **big grin**
    Have a wonderful day!

    Robyn xx

  19. The cat pincushion is adorable!
    I don't know how you can sew with fingers taped together!

  20. Your kitty is very cute. Looks very at home with your Tilda tins.



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