Thursday, November 20, 2008

Patterns in the mail...

Ohh... nothing at all happends here on the sewing front!!!
And Christmas is around the corner... ahhhhh... give me more hours ... ;)

With more hours I would love to start on some new patterns... :)
Anyone else who does this... instead of working on the old ones!! Hmmm...

What else have happened... since nothing happends in the sewingroom...except for the secret things for DH... that will be revealed on Saturday at Open House... And this is no quilty things at all... kind of sewing...but not... ;)
Oh YES!!!! :)
At the beginning of this week I got mail from Australia...
Hi Cathy!!! :)

This lovely lady did the most wonderful thing ...she sent me one of her NEW patterns that I fell in love with... just because ... Wasn´t that a sweet thing to do!!!! :L
And isn´t this pattern just wonderful!!!
Love it...
Thankyou so much!!!
And now she is working on lovely Santas... in white... :)
Take a look at Willow Valley store...

And talking about Santas...

...last week I fell in love with another pattern and felt I just had to make a new Santa ...
emailed at once and and this came from Canada...
Look at this fantastic Santa... :)
Love him in his red pyjamas...with doll and quilt...
Cheryl at Country Quilts have so many wonderful patterns...
have some and hope to start them someday... ok I ordered one more...
...ordered Hollyhock Houses too..
have wanted to make this quilt for years...and finally made an order of that one as well!!! :)

So now I only need more hours and some christmas feelings...
Hope next week will start with some...

Jingle Bells...Jingle Bells... :)


  1. Great patterns. Turn on the Christmas music and get to work! I, too, start new things before finishing the old. Not a good habit.

  2. What fun patterns ;O) I love all you have gotten, particularly the Hollyhock Houses! I had been looking at that one for a long time too.

  3. Fabulous choices from Country Quilts!
    Now go to work on your "to-do" list that needs to be done and when you take a break, look at your gorgeous new goodies!

  4. Lovely patterns! Wow, 2009 will be a busy sewing year for you!
    Hugs - Lurline!

  5. Fun patterns. If you find more hours before Christmas be so kind to share and send a few my way.

  6. I'm with you...Christmas is coming fast and I need more hours! Your patterns look fun. Jingle Jingle!

  7. You selected some good patterns. And, yes, I start new things and put unfinished ones to the side. I think most of us do that. Too much "candy" to pick from.

  8. Stina, I have a thing for santa's and this one you have in the pj's looks gorgeous. I might have to add that one to my collection. I will have to visit Country Quilts myself by the looks. Enjoy making him. D. :=)

  9. You got some nice patterns, Stina.
    Hope you find some stitching time soon.

  10. Yes, I am like you, always wanting or needing a new pattern because I just don't have enough! LOL! I have to say Cathy has some beautiful thing on her site. It is no wonder you fell in love with the pattern. Really pretty things.

  11. love your new santa pattern, I will definitely have to visit that site... Yes I am one of those people that starts something new before I finish what I am working on... very bad habit but so much ;)

  12. Love your santa pattern.. I will definitely have to visit that site..and the pattern from Cathy at WVS is gorgeous she does such nice designs.... Yes I too am one of those people who start new things before I finish old things..I know it is a bad habit but it is so much fun...;)



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