Monday, November 24, 2008

Still Alive... :)

Open House on Saturday went alright with a lot of help from family and friends...
Thankyou so much... :L

It was a lot of happy moments for Lars with unexpected friends coming...
and of course familymembers...
Some couldn´t parents and brothers couldn´t...
the farm...too far away...and other commitments...
I think we were at most about 35 people plus kids ... :)
first guests arrived at 11 am...with the cake!!!!
Thankyou so much for making this one Guy!!!
Isn´t it lovely!! :)
And I can assure you tasted heavenly...Mmmmm...
...and after that they all started to by one...

we had guests until...was it 7 or 8 pm...dont really remember... :)
A lot of fun and lovely presents from all...
And thankyou all for coming and making Lars day so special!!

After they all had gone...
Lars said: - I never thought I had so many friends... :)
Of course you have I said... they love you all...

On Sunday...we didn´t do a thing... :)

And now...Christmas is better tidy up again..find the presents I have started on...and perhaps finish them and hopefully get some finishes BEFORE christmas... ;)

And is a lousy weatherday... SNOWSTORM...
wind is howling and snow is whirling around outside...
so I think I keep myself occupied indoors... ;)


  1. Looks like fun was had by all, especially the cake...

  2. Snowstorms---- snuggle up and quilt. Looks like a great party!

  3. Look like a wonderful Open-House! I love the thought of snuggling up in a quilt in a snowstorm! You and Lars can lay there thinking how blessed you are to have so many friends!
    Hugs - Lurline!

  4. Beautiful cake and looks like lots of fun going on. Since you're expecting a snowstorm what a perfect day to enjoy sewing. Stay warm.

  5. What a wonderful day for Lars! Get ready for Christmas...

  6. Looks like Lars had a wonderful day! We have snow too, but we are very happy with it, since we don't have it often. Take care.

  7. You look so cold in your new header photo....brrrrr.... The came looks divine, and it looks like loads of fun was had on the big day. Enjoy your quiet time....

  8. I love your header photo! It is freezing here too. We have snow :o) The scrapbook is lovely! And Lars looks so happy with his party. You did a beautiful job.

    Enjoy some down time!

  9. The cake looks fabulous. And it looks like a great time was had by all.

  10. Wow, what a party - the cake looks scrummy!!!
    I love your new blog header by the way!!!

  11. Sounds like it was a lovely day, celebrating all day long with friends is a great idea.
    Stay Warm!

  12. Glad to hear you are still alive....Mmmmm that cake looks very yummy and snow doesn't winter come around to quick our summer hasn't quite started yet.

  13. Hey Stina! Glad the party went well! Isn't it lovely that Lars found he had more people who cared about him than he thought - especially his Stina who organised it all - well done! Love your new header photo to, but it looks pretty cold! Brrrrrr! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  14. Looks like a great party you planned and glad it was so successful. Nothing like a snowstorm to snuggle inside and sew. By the way - I LOVE your banner - your adorable.

    Hugs - karen

  15. Such a wonderful celebration that you and family gave to Lars. I just love that you did this party! Very touching for Lars to see all who love him.

  16. Wow, I'm glad Lars' Birthday went well. I'm also impressed with your creativity in arranging the photo's about the day. They look great like that. I'm salivating looking at that cake! D. :=)

  17. Hi, just found your blog through someone else's, but I'm not sure who's?! Lol* Anyhow, that cake is just GORGEOUS! I love it! Also, your hat is so cute in your header picture! Did you make it?



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