Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas trees and tagged by Robyn...

Some days ago I visited Chookyblue and she wanted us to share how many Christmas trees we have...
Never thougth I had more than just the large ones...but when I started to count them ...I got it to... 9... :)
So here are my trees in a little collage...
And if DH had any chance in deciding we woudn´t have anyone!!!
I feel just a little sorry for him..only a little.. :)
I love the warm lights from the trees...
and I like it to be light ...not dark inside...we do live in a country with so many dark hours outside...so I definetly need the light... :)

For some time ago I was tagged by Robyn at Daisy Quilts...
sorry I forgot... :)

The rules to play TAG are these: ~ Post a link to the blog that challenged you and add these rules to your post:
~ Share 7 things about yourself
~ Challenge 7 other blogs at the end of your post through naming their blog and post a link to it.
~ Let them know they're been challenged by leaving a comment on their blog...

Was tagged earlier to share 7 things about me... but couldn´t use them again...maybe not so fair to use that again...;) so here comes 7 new ones...

* I am the big sister...have two "little" brothers...
so I mostly played with them... and this means athletic sports...and games and competitions... how happy they must have been to have me around...lol...

*Loved dogs...they were my life!!
I trained my dogs...went to shows and worked at a dog kennel...
(and now I have asthma so we can not have any animals)

* Loved all sorts of animals...so I would be a farmer...
got an agriculture education...
(this was before I knew I had asthma)

*Met my two girls father...
this is when I got my ashtma... maybe because of him...;)
sorry... no...that was something that just came... not his fault...

*Divorced him...
it was living hell living with him at the end of our marriage...

* Hmmm...met Lars again ( after 20 years of not seeing each other)...we had a little flirt when I was 17 and he was 22 (way too old my Mum said...;)... and here we are ...having a wonderful son together...guess it was meant to be just a little later... :)

*And the 7 th thing about me... hmmm
Hated sewing at school...much more prefered working with wood...lol...
and I hated pink... ;)
So don´t say you can´t change your mind...
I took my old boyfriend back...
Learned to love sewing...
and to love pink... :O

And now for the tagging part...
Please feel free to tag yourselves... :)


  1. Stina, your trees look wonderful! And I loved to read the 7 special things about you and your life!

  2. You funny girl Stina!!
    I always love to read your blogging!!
    Your trees are indeed wonderful and so warm and inviting...I'm coming :p
    Thanks for playing tag too...I think it's one way of getting to know each other over many 'light years' ha ha
    Thanks also for commenting on my denim bag...and yes I do remember those jeans...we called them 'flares' here...or 'bellbottoms' too maybe...
    ttfn :c)

  3. Hi Stina,
    Love all your trees they make the place look warm and inviting. I had a giggle about your 7 things, I too did wood work at school, figured my Mum could teach me all I need to know about sewing!

  4. Love all your Xmas Tress and Your new header looks very cosy...

  5. Interesting tit bits. What did your Mum says when your old boyfriend came back into your life????

  6. Love your trees!! Beautiful. And the snowmen are so cute!

    Very interesting things to learn about you! Some I knew... some I didn't. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hey Stina! Look at all those trees!! You've got a Christmas Tree forrest in your house - I guess that's cos it's too cold to go outside to enjoy the trees! Tee! Hee! Hee! I didn't mind sewing (home economics) at school, but I drove the teachers mad cos I could never follow their logical step by step plans and just muddled along! And even as a little girl, I didn't like pink - I picked green or red every time! I'm learning to use pink a bit more cos it fits my shabby chic decorating style, but still not a favourite! Thanks for sharing - Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, how lovely are your branches!! :0) Bear Hugs!

  8. How interesting -your 7 things! Love all your trees...your house looks so bright and christmassy!! Cathyx

  9. Your trees are so beautiful. I see your star light in a background too. I love it! Thank you for sharing your Jolly-Lovely pictures! :-)

  10. Oh I'm with you - love the trees and the soft light that comes from them - very pretty and yours look so pretty and I love your banner as well, very cozy looking. Fun little tag to read about you. It's always so much fun to learn new things about the bloggers we love to visit. I'm terrible about doing tags - but I enjoy reading them.

    Hugs - Karen

  11. Dear Stina, I could see my little snowman hanging in you room when I enlarged the collage. How good that feels (O: Hope you slept well (O;

  12. I love all your trees - funny how you turn around one day and there they are and you didn't even know you were collecting them *s*

    Love your 7 things. I never sewed either - didn't want to learn because it seemed to 'girlie' Look at me now *s*

  13. Oh Stina, you are funny. You just had to be with the good (two daughters produced), the bad and the ugly (well), before moving on to the best thing in your life. Love all your trees,

  14. Hi Stina from Australia...lovely to learn your 7 things on my visit. Great collage...I will have to learn how to do that. I too didn't much like sewing when at school...funny how it turns around!!! Blessings to you Dzintra Ingrid

  15. What a fun collage of trees. We have 3--I feel overwhelmed decorating that many!! Thanks for commenting on my blog. It was fun to read your past posts. I really like your wool snowman stocking--very cute!! have a great day. Julie

  16. It's always nice to know more about you.

  17. How fun having so many trees, they look so cheery. It's fun to find out a few tidbits about bloggers. I've been divorced and so much happier now with my new hubby.

  18. Hi Stina,
    Sending you a warm digi hug from the Netherlands. I love to read your blog.
    I wish you a very merry Christmas and for the New Year lots of love and many quilting hours.

  19. Beautiful display Stina....and that was nice reading the "7 things about you'.....

  20. loved seeing all your trees and reading more about you. i envy all of your snow. i love snow and we rarely get more than a dusting.



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