Monday, December 8, 2008

Cold ...cold....brrrr.... and Santa came by...

Woke up to a new day with cold weather...
-21 (-5,8 F) this morning....
Have kept myself warm with a lot of spicy tea and a fire....burning almost all day...
What would we do without the Fireplace heating stove... probably freeze... :)
At lunchtime I looked out through the window had started to snow...
so thanks for that .... milder weather on the way...
And ohhh...something large was in the mailbox...and it was snowing on it...
Better hurry up and get it inside and see what it was...
A package from Libby.... :)
Knew this one was coming cause...Santa told me... :)
Libby has been an angel and offered to sew me something that I had not...

I said ok...only if we could make a little swap...
I know my package has arrived to sunny CA... but you will have to wait until Libby posts... ;)
Back to the package...

Oh should I open it... maybe wait until Christmas Eve... calculated on how many days it was left... nah... I opened it... ;)
I just said ahhh so many times that Viktor had to come and see what it was...
and as usual tears started to fall... :)
My gosh Libby this spoilt me completely...

I got myself a Christmas stocking!!!
And it was already filled with a lot of goodies...
One by one they all came out....

the cutest little hen pincushion... some nice chocolate..(for me...? said Viktor)
NO... I said...this is mine... ( was I too greedy? )
Ok it still is not maybe I´ll share... Where was I?...
Libbys package... yes... :)
... she sent me the loveliest red homespuns...that I had admired on her blog... not easy to get them around here ( happy dance) ... and lovely notecards...
...and THE STOCKING.....
in lovely wool and a very cute snowman...
Can you guess if I´m lucky or not... :)
...had to hang it immediately on the wall next to the fireplace...
So Santa can see it... (if the Swedish Santa get the hint...)

Thankyou so much Libby... :L
I love it!!

Have started to sew some...not fast...but I´m happy with just spending some time with the sewingmachine...
This is what I´m working on ...
An angel....
...some very very narrow bias tubes...hmmm...
not so good for the finger...but hey...they are all stuffed now....
and some stars...
...and what will this be...maybe a present for someone...but not really sure yet...
You who have seen this ...... don´t tell...:)

No ...better get some sewing done for tonight...or stitching it was...
Have a really great day...from me who now have my own stocking... :)


  1. What a lovely package with so many nice things! What other things are hard for you to get (besides Homespuns)? Just wondering!

  2. Hi Stina. Of course you need to share all your goodies with Viktor- and perhaps also with your DH.
    You really get me so inspired to sew but now I have had lots of other things to do.
    Just like Louise SS I have got a little grandchild-Anna and Dan and I are so happy.Love, Louise D

  3. Well aren't you the spoilt girl? Such a lovely package from Libby. Love your angel you're working on, too cute. so glad that you are enjoying your day.

  4. The stocking looks great on your wall.
    -21C brrrr, and I thought -15C was bad, but today it snowed a lot so it's warmer now. My car door is frozen shut, fun!!! I have to crawl in from the passenger side, more fun! least for people watching me.
    Cute angel! For not sewing much you sure get a lot done!

  5. Beautiful stocking, lucky you to receive such lovely gifts!

  6. Lovely Santa Stocking :) and we had -19C when I get up at 5am :(
    I see you had begin to do your lovely angelbag and then I wounder were I could have mine ;-)

    Take care!

  7. I'm so happy to know that snowman has found a happy home *s* Maybe you can share a taste or two with Viktor (and Hubby, too)

  8. Brrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -21! So cold. I can't even imagine it. Once or twice a year we have an overnight minimum somewhere between 0 and 4, but I'm nice and warm in bed even then!

    Lovely gifts!

  9. What nice things you received! Love the stocking. We are finally getting some snow today which is a good thing I thought for a minute I was going to have to get my lawn mower out again.

  10. It was cold here this morning too. I just can't seem to get the chill out of my bones. I love your package and its contents. I don't think I would have been able to wait either.

  11. Your new stocking is so cute! That Libby is such a sweetie! I am so glad you are being spoiled.. you deserve it! I love the little angel. Very sweet :o)

  12. Hey Stina! Brrrrrr!! Minus 21?!?! I'd be curled up in front of that very cute wood heater and hot going anywhere that involved outside!! Your new Santa stocking is so cute - bet Santa puts some more goodies in there for you! And I was right about your dolly being a Christmas angel - can't wait to see her all finished, as she looks lovely already! And who wouldn't want to receive her in their stocking - well done and happy stitching! Stay warm - Bear Hugs! KRIS

  13. That cold??? Brrrrr
    your package is so nice. Isn't it fun to have a Libby thing :)
    It is sad we have problems getting nice plaids here in norway and sweden.

  14. Lucky lucky you!! What a gorgeous gift!!! Would love to be in your weather....snow and a fire, spiced tea and stitching...sounds divine!! Cathyx

  15. Hi Stina...
    It is so hard to imagine how cold it msut be in Sweden when it is so hot here in Australia!
    I have been away for a few days and want to say how terribly sorry I am abut your Aunt but I understand when you say she is in a better place with no pain...God Bless her and the family.
    You have some beautiful presents and very lucky you - your very own stocking!! I would like to see your happy dance please!
    Take care

  16. oooh what a lovely giftie!!! and your angel is so sweet..
    -21C?? my freezer doesn't get that cold (I think it doesn't).. its 30C here at 8.30pm in Australia.. did I mention I hate summer???

    take care.. Lissa

  17. Your stocking looks wonderful, and it arrived already full, wow! You lucky girl.

    The little angel is looking very pretty.

  18. What a wonderful gift Stina. You must have been really nice this year....Santa is droping in often these days to you. So cold my oh my what should you do without your fire brrrrr.
    love your angel i have started one too but mine is still in pieces..... have a nice day and take care

  19. oh my goodness I love that snowman stocking just adorable
    what a lovely swap you two did...
    such a nice idea between 2 people
    Love the things you send Libby too!
    wonderful red plaids you have there!

  20. What a lovely stocking. I saw teh angle you made for Libby. It's amazing! Wow! We do have excatly teh same stove! That's fun hè.

  21. Cute, cute stocking! And your angel is darling too! Libby's angel from you is wonderful! So much to enjoy!

  22. What a wonderful swap you received from Libby - full of wonderful goodness and that stocking is adorable. Looks like your getting some sewing done- love what your making.

    Hugs - karen

  23. Brrr -21 thats so cold, lucky you have your lovely cosy and warm fire, love your stocking with all its goodies. That angel is so cute, although I'm not keen on making skinny arms and legs, very fiddly. Enjoy your spiced tea and cosy fire and happy stitching, Sheryl

  24. What a lovely gift from Libby and i really like your little angel she is so cute.

  25. I adore the snowman stocking! Good job, Libby. Since you opened the package, Stina, maybe Santa will refill the stocking for Christmas morning.



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